Where To Get Tested For STDs In Montreal

Your reproductive health is crucial to your overall health.  One of the problems affecting reproductive health is Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

Unfortunately, some STDs are asymptomatic, making them difficult to detect and treat. This further complicates matters as untreated STD can cause blindness, cancer, organ damage, and infertility.

To be on the safe side, it’s best to get yourself tested on a regular basis. Here are some places in Montreal where you can test for chlamydia.


CreaMeD is a general services clinic that does STI/STD testing alongside other services. This private clinic is located at 2055 Mansfield, Montreal.

The clinic has four doctors and a team of nurses. Once you come in for testing, a nurse will collect samples from you. These will be processed in the in-house partnering lab.

The clinic’s policy ensures patients get their test results within the shortest timelines and facilitate treatment when needed.

The facility offers online appointment booking to patients.

Jewish General Hospital

JGH takes walk-in patients with or without consultation requests. The clinic is along Cote-Ste-Catherine Road, Montreal.

You must return for test results once the test is completed. For reasons of confidentiality, these are not given over the phone. You can also discuss the results with the doctor who is in charge of your case.

CLSC Metro and CLSC Youth Clinics

CLSC Metro offered free testing to patients and is on 1801 de Maisonneuve West, next to the SGW campus.

The clinic is open Monday to Friday by appointment at 514-934-0354 Ext 7399. You can use the web application to make a reservation. On the site, click on the STBBI options. Patients with symptoms are referred to a physician first.

The CLSC youth clinic is for people aged 24 and below and at times have same-week availability. Again, consultations are only available by appointment.

Expertise 24/7 Clinique Sante

Expertise 24/7 Health clinic is on 2046, Avenue du Mont-Royal Est Montreal, H2H IJ6. The clinic is part of the 24/7 Expertise in Health Care Inc. Group.

Located in Plateau Mont-Royal, this clinic provides a variety of services, including STD testing. Your test results will be available in 24 hours, and the facility allows online bookings for both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients.

If you prefer, you can have your screening done anonymously. The 24/7 clinic is a private clinic, and you will be required to make payment. However, these are refundable by most insurance companies and are subject to some tax credit programs.

Don’t Wait to get Tested

Most STDs can be resolved with medication. However, as with other diseases, the earlier they are identified and treated, the better.

In this regard, even when you are completely asymptomatic,  make sure to get regular screenings.