What is the meaning of different Statuses for SMS delivery reports

Bulk messaging is a great way to connect with potential customers and regular clients. To assess the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, you will need to analyze the reports and make sure that the sent text was delivered to the addressee.

Use delivery reports for the correct analysis of the work done. Such a report contains the necessary information and allows you to create a summary of the advertising campaign. Data analysis is able to tell about the mistakes you made and will help to get rid of similar shortcomings in the future.

What is an SMS DLR report?

The need to use DLR reports arose even before the launch of mass messaging. When sending a message to the addressee, you want to know if they received the information you provided. If earlier it was a matter of interest, now is the time to abandon such delusions.

A mass messaging campaign takes a long time to prepare, so senders want to make sure that it has been completed successfully. For this, you need to study the SMS report provided by the system. 

As a result, the creator of the messaging will be able to draw conclusions about:

  • delivery time;
  • reasons for the lack of answers;
  • information transfer rate.

It should be noted that the services are used to keep in touch with customers, which means that the effectiveness of the work depends on the recipients’ response. Confirmation of successful delivery is a good sign, and the desire to be sure of a proper result forces us to use status codes.

How do SMS delivery reports work?

After sending the message, several minutes pass, and it has already been opened by the subscriber. However, few people think about how the system works and what it means to get a report. First, you need to clarify that sending the text means transferring a file to the telephone company’s servers.

After that, the message is sent further and gets into the phone of the addressee. The sender can request a delivery or opening report. Be that as it may, creating mass messaging can cause several problems. Not all contact numbers are available every minute, which means that they will not receive your message.

Since an advertising campaign is a rather expensive business, you need to make sure that the recipient’s contact number was specified correctly. As confirmation, you will receive one of several statuses in delivery reports (DLR).

Analysis of the received reports will allow you to remove invalid contacts from the subscriber base. Next time, the platform will not send messages to such numbers, which means that the sender will be able to save money. Adding an unsubscribe button is worth it for a simple reason: you shouldn’t bother a potential client.

Mobile Delivery Report (DLR) statuses explained

The processing of the results of the test text message delivery starts with the analysis of the received reports. After reviewing the data, it is possible to make the necessary changes and compile an up-to-date database of contacts.

To decide whether to remove a contact, just look at the test results:

  • delivered: the recipient has opened your message and is ready to continue the conversation;
  • unsubscribe: the subscriber refused to receive service messages;
  • “soft” bounce: the message is temporarily not delivered because the subscriber is not online;
  • “hard bounce”: the phone number was incorrectly formatted or is invalid.

In fact, the SMS delivery status allows you to establish contact with the target audience and share useful information. Tell recipients about changes in the work schedule or a chance to get into a sale, and they’ll be grateful for your concern. Why should you use DLR reports for your SMS campaigns?

Working on an ad campaign requires careful attention to detailы. The sender should check SMS delivery to make changes to the contact list and save time. The check can be manual, but besides the incorrectly specified data, other errors cannot be detected.

When it comes to analyzing reports, the sender can get much more useful information. 

To build an effective promotion strategy you will need to:

  • add a button to unsubscribe from messages;
  • provide an opportunity to get more information;
  • briefly indicate the essence of your offer.

Moreover, using this reliable method, it is possible to send an SMS verification API. The addressee must confirm their consent to receive other messages from the sender. Use the new capabilities of the well-known communication channel to communicate with your target audience.

How can you improve the delivery rates of your SMS messages?

Mass messaging of information requires cold math, so it won’t be possible to do without additional tools. The text messaging platform for business owners can improve open rates.

It is much easier to achieve this goal with Testelium than it seemed at the beginning. 

A few simple tips will help you to make mass messaging effective:

  1. Collect contacts. Buying another company’s database is not a good idea, so give it up. You can collect information yourself with greater efficiency.
  2. Check the text. You probably don’t want to end up on the operator’s “black list”. Make sure your messages meet the phone company’s requirements (font, SMS decoding, punctuation marks, language).
  3. Introduce yourself. The name should be recognizable as often recipients don’t have another way to define the sender. Complaints about the spam from your account are unlikely to be part of your plans.

It is worth analyzing text delivery reports every time after launching a campaign. This is the only way you can be sure of the correct decisions and will be able to maintain contact with your customers.

Final thoughts

Keep your promotion strategy simple and use proven methods to communicate with customers. A simple text message sender identification will allow you to get the proper attention and remind customers about your company in difficult times. 

Increase brand awareness, share news, and improve customer experience. Bulk messaging is the best way to improve the user experience!