Docker is an open platform for containerization, which means that it assists developers in building a standard package of application that allows it with the versatility to perform on various computing platforms reliably and easily. Docker includes everything required to develop a container of an application code, runtime, system tools, system libraries and settings.

This tool lets you run containers independent of OS which means that applications for which containers are created are executable on a large variety of OS. Containers created by Docker are lightweight, which only adds to the advantages of Docker.

Docker for Beginners

Basic terms

To begin with we need to explain what does creating a container means. Containers provide the user with an isolation of applications and operating system while using low-level mechanics. Providing these containers make it easy for applications to be deployed easily in any environment. Dockers for beginners require a very minimal skill set if learning is done through good Docker tutorials. Although some the prerequisite required for learning Docker is an introductory knowledge for application development, usage of the command line and text editor. Other than the container and basic pre-requites, other Docker terminology which may cause a hassle while learning is explained at Docker tutorial websites.

#1. Docker tutorials

Learning about DevOps is in no way similar to learning about other, more explored technical elements. It requires a good watching power and a detailed learning, at least for beginners. Here, we list a few of the websites which you can use for learning Dockers. Most of these website assume you are a beginner at Dockers, if any other pre requisites are required they are mentioned at websites. 

#2. Official Docker Website

There is no better way to learn the software from but directly from its developers. Its website provides the learners with tutorials which are meant for absolute beginners and can be considered a good start as far as the basics are concerned. It includes all the introduction of basics and tutorials about familiarising yourself with the environment around Docker. You will definitely need other resources to excel in Dockers.

#3. Scalable Path

With the rising popularity of Dockers, this website (ScalablePath) provides different types of accessible course to learn this software. But what makes this website stand out from others in terms of courses provided is that they provide all these courses for free. They begin with the explanation of terms related to Docker and further proceeds with other things related to the software. It is easily accessible and free to use.

#4. Kodekloud

Kodekloud is best Docker tutorial website. It uses some really simple lectures along with demos to increase the understanding of concepts. It even provides with coding exercises which gives you the expertise to develop your own Docker images using Docker files and practice Docker Compose. It is the best course for Docker for beginners as it provides some great resources with details.

#5. Free Docker Training

It is another official Docker resource which is available for learning and for Docker training. It provides you with two types of training, namely lead training and self-paced training. Lead training provides you with instructor training where you train for an enterprise. Self-paced training, unlike lead is some training that helps you to move at a speed at which you are comfortable with. In self-paced training you learn from the Docker community directly.

Conclusion- Docker has turned out to be quite a useful tool for the developers these days. What makes is better is that it is not something which is restricted for some elite programmers and users. Rather, it uses low-level machine language, and has a lot of tutorials, which make it useful for everyone, even beginners.