Digital Marketing

First, we have to understand what is digital marketing?

There is different way of marketing digitally like search engines, social media, websites, email and mobile apps. There are many marketing activities in digital marketing but some of them are not accepted by all.

If explain in simple words digital marketing is marketing through digital platforms to connect with customers where they spend their most of time: online. The digital marketing can be done with various ways like digital advertising, email marketing, online brochure and others. Some of the digital marketing are explained:

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

In the pay-per-click the paid click is used to get traffic on your website by pay-per-click advertising on the top of the google search result. You have to pay when your ad is clicked. You also can set that your ad is displayed on particular term search to particular audience. The most effective way for ad through pay-per-click is Google AdWords. You also can promote on Facebook by Paid ads or Promoted Tweets on Twitter or with Sponsored Messages on LinkedIn.

The Pay-Per-Click can be used on a specific term or keyword. These clicks are visible, flexible and also more effective for various businesses.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To understand Search Engine Optimization, it is a process to optimize your website to rank higher in the search engine results pages to increase the organic traffic to your website. In simple words, with the SEO your website pages are on the top by searching of specific keywords. SEO is a simple way to attract the audience to your website when they search for product, service or any other your business-related information.

It is one of the best digital marketing solutions for any organization. SEO can be done with various methods like Websites, Blogs and Infographics. According to survey, there is total of 67% of all click on the first five listings on the search page and 71% of search results in first page of Google are the organic click.

Content Marketing

It is a saying that “Content is King”. Let’s understand what is it. The powerful content makes the digital marketing more effective. The content can be used to increase brand awareness, traffic growth, lead generation.

Content is not used for promotional activity but it is also a good source of information for audience.

Content is very important for modern day SEO. Blog spot, EBooks and whitepapers, Infographics and online brochure and lookbooks are used for content marketing.

Social Media Marketing

People are not using social media just for entertainment but also, they used it to get information, research, discover before joining any organization. There is no benefit of just posting on your social media accounts. Make your content user friendly that customer get easily information from it and if they satisfied from it, they will share it more and more which help you to make new customers.

Social media marketing helps you to promote your brand and your content on platform for brand awareness, generate leads and also helpful to drive traffic for your business. Here is some social media platform to promote your content:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Google+

According to one survey there are around 47% of all internet users are on Facebook.

It is research by that around 88% of purchased products are Pinterest Pinned.

Email Marketing

What is e-mail. People are using E-mail for past twenty years and currently using and also used in future. E-mail is simple yet effective to connect with your customer with important information. The main reason is people are more attached to their emails.

In current time Email marketing is simple way to communicate with the audience. Emails are commonly used for sharing information of discount, promote content and events. It is also used to promote business website. The email campaigns are mostly engaging, relevant, informative and also some times entertaining. If someone starts an effective email marketing it should be Trustworthy, Relevant, Conversational and Strategic and also corelate with other platforms.

Email marketing is also used as:

  • Blog subscription newsletter.
  • Follow-up email to visitors who downloaded content
  • Promotional emails like Holiday promotion for loyalty program members.
  • Welcome emails for new visitors.

Mobile Marketing

As we all know mobile is a very important part of our daily routine life. Mobile marketing helps to reach the customers personally. People have their mobile phones all the time which makes easy to promote with mobile marketing.

There are different methods to promote Mobile Marketing from SMS to MMS and many more. For successful digital marketing add the mobile marketing with other methods.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation joins your entire digital marketing platform. If there is no marketing automation, your digital marketing campaign is a ship without Captain. This marketing automation software streamlines and automates marketing tasks and workflows measures the results and ROI of digital campaigns and helps to grow revenue quick.

With the marketing automation, you can bifurcate the information which is required or not.

These is the information about different ways which is helpful for powerful digital marketing campaign. You can easily make your digital marketing campaign with this. Company with the proper digital marketing, ahead in the race.

Corporate video

Video plays an important role to get attention from your audience. It gives overall information about your company. Corporate video is an effective way to convey your corporate message to the customers which helps you to achieve your business goals. Our Corporate Video Production team is highly professional and passionate to tell your corporate story in effective way. Pixel Technologies is corporate video maker in Ahmedabad.

Business overview video

Are you a businessman and want to attract your clients, Corporate Profile Videos are best option for you. Corporate Profile Videos has all your business overview and flow. With this corporate profile video, you can easily present your business strength to your clients. Corporate Business Profile Videos are better option for presentation.

As per the client need, we highlight the key parts of your business.

Animation video

2D and 3D

Today the 2D and 3D animation are common way to explain about your product and how it works.

With the animation you can explain better your company and brand. The animation can explain the complicated idea through visuals which is more exciting and powerful as well. Pixel Technologies is Leading animation video maker in Ahmedabad.

Motion graphics – infographic video, company logo motion

To engage your customers and attract more public attention, the unique logo buildup and company introduction in creative way is most important.

Machine video

Machine video is very effective than to just explain by text from the page in Google results. The main purpose is to make machine video is to illustrate the how your machine works, highlight the features of the machine which helps to justify the product value and convert more customers.

Safety video production

Are facing the safety related problems for both employees and visitors. Do you want to explain workplace safety for contractors and new employees? But don’t know how.

We provide Safety Video Production service to make HSE training videos effective and engaging. This video helps to ensure safety at workplace.

We provide two types of Safety Video Production.

  1. Animated Safety Video Production
  2. On Location Safety Video Production