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You have always explored the tourist spots of cities like Delhi. Indeed, the capital of India is enriched with so many spots to go to. But what is the point of revisiting the same places all the time? You can explore so many spots that are in other cities too. Have you ever been to Lucknow?

You can get Delhi to Lucknow buses and go to this city for exploration. It is always fun to know what different cities have to offer you in terms of tourism. Well, you can effortlessly do Delhi to Lucknow buses booking and you are good to go to this Nawabi city.  You must have a peep into some of the spots of this city below:

Bara Imambara

The name refers to a temple built by the NawabAsaf-ud-daula in 1784, and it is one of the hugest buildings in Lucknow. The name ‘Bara Imambara’ is an Urdu word, in that the word ‘Bara’ simply means huge and ‘Imambara’ means the shrine complex. The complex encompasses the Asfi mosque and the Bhulbhulaiya or the Labyrinth. The Asfi mosque includes the tomb of Asaf-ud-daula, and the labyrinth is the only maze in India and underpins the massive structure of the entire complex from the underground.


Another majestic congregation complex of the Shia Muslim sect, The ChotaImambara was constructed in 1838 by Nawab Muhammad Shah Ali. The complex also serves as the tomb for Nawab who is buried there together with his mother. Right outside this massive complex also lays the 4 storied Satkhanda, an incomplete watchtower or observatory that was supposed to have seven stories. It would certainly be a delight to visit this historic place. When you can conveniently get bus ticket from Delhi to Lucknow then you must not be reluctant to explore the entire city!

Lucknow Zoo

If you are an animal lover then it is a place for you. You know the Lucknow Zoo is also called The Prince of Wales Zoological Park and is feast across an area of 71.6 acres of land. The zoo was constructed in 1921 to welcome the onset of the Prince of Wales and encompasses several species of birds, animals and of course reptiles. The zoo is popular for breeding and housing rare species such as the White Tiger, Indian Wolf and that of Hog Deer etc.

Constantia House

The site previously known as the Constantia House is now housed by the La Martinière College. The construction is located on a terraced location that was a lake at some point. The architecture is mixed chic that combines different techniques of Italian architecture. The college is one of the only educational institutions to get a battle honor due to its role during the Siege of Lucknow.

So, these were a few of the many places to go in Lucknow. You should go through buses from Delhi to Lucknow and pick one that suits your schedule. Or at least, you can note down the Delhi to Lucknow bus schedule so that you can easily book a bus when you are to travel.