Ways to Promote Your Products on Social Media

Marketing and promotions make or break a brand. Unlike big brands, small to mid-businesses cannot spend much on marketing and advertising. With the rise of social media, many businesses are taking their sales up by publicizing on them. It is an effective marketing channel to promote your products online.

This is one of the direct approach marketing tools where you can advertise your products directly to the target customers. You can create a positive impact on customers with little creativity and planned approach. Social media is a wide base for businesses to use as it has active users checking for daily updates.

Let us discuss a few ways to promote your products online through social media.

Build Your Social Media Network

  • The foremost thing you need for social media marketing is an active profile page or business page or a blog with active followers and friends.
  • Identify your business goals and set some marketing objectives to reach potential customers.
  • Add links and product photos to your page for retaining visitors on your site.
  • Create fresh content daily and set a limit per day to share or tweet them.
  • Leverage communities to spread your products and enhance your network of friends and users.
  • Always be patient with customers and take measures to curb bad reputation as it spreads fast.

Visual Attraction

Attention grabbing headlines matter. They have to be clear as to what your products are. Be clear and crisp in your product information and customize it according to the social platform you are on (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).  Create visually attractive pages to draw the users to visit your space.


Assign first responders to your post or tweet, the job to share and like your product. If your products are one of a kind then your audience will surely refer them to friends and family which leads to increasing your brand value. Building trust and engaging customers take time, so be patient in your approach.

  • Tweet or comment about your products often to bring product awareness in the social media.
  • Avoid targeting wrong community as it can lead to spamming of your product and ruins your reputation.
  • Share your tweets and posts at the right time and post multiple times till it reaches the target group of customers.
  • Instead of dropping links, ask questions and engage the users. Get feedback and work on the issues which help in building trust.
  • Post videos showing the use of your products and be part of the visual trend marketing.

Brand ambassadors

  • Social media already contains popular users with a huge fan base. Find such who relates to your products and make them your brand ambassadors by offering discounts and coupon codes.
  • Gather more brand advocates to publicize your products through their profile or tweets.
  • Make a deal with popular blogger to promote your brand and product with good incentives.
  • Advertise your products by sending free samples to popular personalities and ask them to tweet or tag your product.

Start Contests

  • Conduct contents and give active participants freebies to create interest in users about your product.
  • Contests engage users, spread awareness, generate leads and drives users to services and sales.
  • Timely deals and promotions keep the eagerness in users to wait for your product launch.
  • Create hype and promote the products with a teaser or a sneak peek as to what the next launch is about.
  • Post pictures and videos showing the making of products or share stories about the ethnicity of the product.
  • Storytelling forms a deep bond with customers and helps them to relate to your services.
  • Give them a strong cause to buy the products.

Bring your product to spotlight and instill the sense of special treatment to the audience who makes the first purchase. Releasing limited edition products give users a perk in buying unique products and saves your wastage of merchandise.

Post Feedback

  • Nothing beats promotion like good reviews and ratings.
  • Post customer reviews and ratings to create a positive sense of your brand.
  • Sharing client pictures using your products and services and related tags of your products, promote your brand much faster.
  • Social proof influences your audience to make that buy which has taken a back step due to hesitation.
  • Give your customers special treatment by customizing the products as per their needs and requirements.
  • Discounts on special occasions like birthdays and engraved cards are a sure way to boost loyalty in user base.
  • Make sure your ratings and reviews are original without offering incentives to the customer for positive feedback.


Some products’ services may be unique and innovative. Clients should be aware of the use of the products to make the purchase. Post informative videos and demonstrate the use of the products to give them a cause to buy. Add some tips and care instructions on how to retain the products for a longer run.

Product preference

  • Ask your audience which products they prefer from your collection and why.
  • Create a question poll. This helps in giving them a reason to like your products and provides you with clarity on what users are looking for in your products.
  • Create product specific days for sales and build excitement for their purchase. Include a call to action button or ask the customers to directly message or comment to inquire about product specifications.
  • It is highly recommended to share product information as to how it is made and what it is used for.
  • Share interesting trivia regarding your products. Imparting knowledge about your products with unknown facts which attract the customers.

Hashtags are in trend. So tag your product as much as you can to promote them. These are few ways to promote your brand and products through social media marketing. Resort to ads if you can shell out few dollars to promote your brand and products across the internet.

Author’s Bio SEI:: I’m currently working as Content Manager with SEO Experts India. I have a great passion for digital marketing and I help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective digital marketing strategies for them. Apart from Digital Marketing, I have a keen interest in Entrepreneurship, Online Reputation Management, Quality Link Building Tech Consultancy, etc.