Preemployment Tests

You are back to square one as you look for a job. After sending application letters, résumés, and samples, you wait for word for interviews and preemployment tests. Although preemployment testing represents one aspect of the recruitment process, it can make or break your chances of landing the job.

With such tests looming and possibly clouding your prospects, you have to plan and prepare. You’ll be comforted to know that you don’t have to cram and memorize useless facts and figures. Still, it remains that you have to undergo tests to prove yourself right for the job.

There are no shortcuts and magic formulas for the exams, but you have these tips to help ready yourself for the nerve-wracking preemployment tests.

Get to Know Your Preemployment Tests

Companies employ several tests to check that you match the profile in the job description, among other things. Some of these assessments are standardized, like the psychometric exam; others fall under their discretion. Typical areas of testing are the following:

  • Personality
  • Aptitude
  • Skills
  • Cognitive
  • Behavioral

You can also expect drug tests, especially if the job concerns public safety and background checks for conviction and credit history.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Take advantage of free psychometric tests online. It simulates the experience of taking such exams and gets an objective assessment of yourself. In the course of your practice, you will discover your strong and weak spots, which you can improve on. Practice also helps you work on your speed and accuracy, learning to balance both for optimal results.

Touch Up Your Skills

The HR personnel can ask you to show your skills on the spot. You will be asked to write a piece, edit or code on the spot, or do a teaching demonstration. In anticipation of this situation, brush up on your skills, and impress them with your level of expertise.

Work on Your “Personality”

Are you fit for the job and the organization? Job personality tests, such as these, can confirm this compatibility. Although you can’t change your personality (you shouldn’t fake it too), you can take these personality exams to discover aspects of yourself that may work for you or against you. It will add to your self-awareness and help you improve as a person.

Always Read the Instructions

Take it as a reminder to not speed-read and rush into answering the test. Make sure you understand the test’s requirements in their entirety. Ask questions to clarify confusing points. Read test instructions because they may drop hints on how to answer the questions. Aside from flunking the exam, not following instructions will reflect poorly on you.


It’s relatively common for companies to test prospective and existing employees for alcohol or substance use. They want a drug-free workplace and expect their people to be on the same page. Preemployment drug testing often requires urine or saliva specimen for traces of THC and the like.

If you have used such substances, your best preparation is to detoxify to pass the test. First off, you need to abstain. Then get help from products to cleanse your system of drug toxins. To know the real score, you can test yourself at home. Make the most of the time leading to a drug test to live clean.

Rest and Relax 

You can consider this as the final tip to ace your preemployment tests. Rest your mind and your body the day before the exam. Coupled with a satisfying breakfast, adequate sleep helps you stay focused and pay attention to the tasks at hand.

Indeed, stress can impede your ability to answer or even understand the instructions. If you are well-rested and prepared, you don’t have to worry as much about the outcome.

Surely, preparation is the key to passing preemployment tests. Be mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to face any challenges your future employer(s) will throw at you. Go for gold!