Ways To Build Strong Bones

For babies, building strong bones is a pivotal step for the parents to take. Minerals get deposited into bones during earlier periods of life, and even during adolescence periods. You will only reach your peak bone mass once you reached 30 years of age. If you fail to gain enough bone mass, you are prone to bone breakage quite easily.

Fortunately, there are some lifestyle habits and nutrition, which you can start at the earliest to help build stronger bones and maintain those with growing age.

Adding lots of vegetables:

Yes, it is true that vegetables are not that yummy to taste when compared to meat, but for your stronger bones, you have to incorporate green lefty and other vegetables in your diet plan. Bone mass starts to grow from tender infant ages. So, you need to add some baby food with lots of green veggies in it. Some of them are best sources of vitamin C, which helps in stimulating the production of some bone-based cells. Furthermore, the antioxidant effects of vitamin C will prevent bone cells from getting damaged.

Boost the calcium consumption:

Whenever you think about bones, calcium is the first mineral that pops right into your head. It is essential for proficient bone development and for teeth too. It is also a great helper in building nerve signaling, muscle, blood pressure and even hormone secretion. But, calcium is not the end of the story. Your body needs the power to actually absorb calcium inside bones. For that, vitamin D is vital. So, you might have to add some food to your baby’s diet plan, which is rich in calcium. Some basic examples are spinach, milk, cheese, yogurt and collard green.

Using baby walkers:

Food and nutrition are not always what you need for making your baby’s bones grow strong. You need something else to be added to the list. That has to be baby walkers. It is the first support system for your child to stand out straight and start moving. The more he or she gets to move, the stronger the bones will be. It will further help in adding flexibility to muscles and add a slight bit of exercise in daily routine. Procure some other top 10 choices from babys.reviews when you are actually planning to invest bucks for the best baby walker in town. You can go through the available options before making a choice.

Encourage in physical activities:

Being a parent, it is your duty to encourage your children to actively participate in physical activities. Apart from mental stability, you need your child to grow into a strong man. For that, physical exercises are important. Getting involved in physical activities like games is the fun way to maintain a strong bone structure and greater health in the end.

Boosting bone density with vitamin K:

This is yet another important addition for bone density growth. Even though vitamin K is widely known to help in blood clotting, but it is perfect for generating proteins for bones.  The exact amount of vitamin K can contribute to better and healthier bone mass and stronger density. Moreover, apart from vitamin D, you also need vitamin K to help bones absorb calcium in their cores.

Avoid low calcium diet:

Some parents are careless enough to create a diet plan for their babies, which are lower in calcium. It is most prevalent among those kids, who are lactose intolerance. As milk houses a large amount of calcium in it, so avoiding it completely will remove a large chunk of this mineral out of their diet plan. So, if your child cannot digest milk, try substituting with other milk bases like soy milk and more. These kinds of substitutes will help the body to get the right amount of calcium it needs for stronger bones without any digestion problem.

You need a lot of protein:

You might have a calcium-rich diet plan for your child but that won’t work pretty well if you fail to consume enough protein. Around 50% of bones comprise of protein, making this mineral a major part of a healthy bone structure. So, other than milk, try adding meat, eggs and any protein-rich food items on the list. Even babies have smashed meat gravies available in air-tight containers. Add those in their diet plans too.

Try for the collagen supplement:

Now, this step is not quite for the little infants, but for children in their adolescent period and adults. Some evidence and research have suggested that collagen supplements help in protecting your bone health. So for those with weaker bones, this tip can come in handy, but only after consulting a doctor.

So, try following these 8 most simple steps if you someone you love, to have a stronger bone. A stronger bone structure is a sign of a happy and healthy life in the future.