How to Make a Living from Blogging

Thinking about making a living from blogging like a pro-blogger

Yes, it is possible if you good and passionate about writing. There is basically two requirement of blogging, first, you have the motivation to write and lastly, you have to spare time to write.

It doesn’t matter if you are a college kid, stay-at-home mummy, fully employed, freelancing or out of job, you can put your effort and talent coupled with some free time for blogging and earn some hard cash. And who knows, if your article hit the jackpot put might be able to make a comfortable living from blogging. Earning some pocket money from blogging is definitely not one of those Biggest Lies About Making Money Online.

Before the online phenomenon of blogging takes its rooting, most Internet surfers are just readers. There are people who spend long hours browsing the Internet solely to play online games, read and replying emails, visiting their favorite sites, reading online news or involving in chatting or some form of social or people networking.

With the invent of blogging, readers have the opportunity to participate and be involved in other online sites, thus the emergence of bloggers people who read and author.

Those readers turned authors made using this blogging opportunity to ramble about their lives, their pets and their daily activities. Their soft rambling turned into a loud ranting where some of them go beyond the norm and make use of blogging to express themselves. Gradually, these bloggers started to have followers or fans and their blog gaining more exposure and popularity by the day, they monetized their blog.

Bloggers capitalized on their popularity of the blog as a marketing tool rather than just a way to voice their opinion. From a newbie blogger who blogs about their personal lives, they graduated into a money earning blogger.

This cash-earning trend of a blogger isn’t outdated, it just started. Find out how you can join the money earning bandwagon of bloggers with the following fundamental tips for a successful blog:

Tip #1: Know Your Passion and Use It!

If you are an avid follower of fashion trends, then the best kind of blog that you can come up with is of course, a fashion blog. When you are going to start a blog, one that you will also be using for work, make sure that you will be able to churn out witty write-ups that will give people the impression that you are highly knowledgeable about the subject (even if this isn’t entirely true). Of course, there would be similar blogs up your alley but if people will see that you really know your stuff through your creative use of words, then you surely would not have a hard time convincing them that your blog is the one which they should keep coming back to.

The result: Be serious about your article and you will gain authority in your blogging fields. In the blogosphere simple rules, authority command audience and recognition.

Tip #2: Keep Things Fresh

With the authority bestowed upon you by your readers, you are able to establish a niche market for your blog, the next thing that you should definitely do is to make sure that you will be able to keep your audience’s interest. While you may be good at writing and you are very knowledgeable about the topics that you are discussing in your blog, you should still find a way to keep things fun, exciting, and new. Be mindful that there are a lot of different blogs out there fighting for attention and exposure; make sure that you always stay ahead of the pack. Heard of a saying: Leaders lead, followers follow At any rate, once you have a steady flow of traffic coming into your blog, that is when the money will start rolling in.

The result: Everyone wants fresh information (that why there is a catchy word like “breaking news”). The first to blog about it will get the first attention and it will be in crowds. There is also a better chance to make money if there are crowds.

Tip#3: Know The Two Kinds of Blogs

There are actually two kinds of professional blogs out there. Early on in your blogging life, you need to establish which one your blog going to be.

First up are the bloggers who are being paid to blog. This is probably best suited for people who are just good at writing, those who have the skill but do not really have any intention of making a career out of it. Bloggers who are being paid to write usually have a set of topics that their clients will pay them to write about. One need not be passionate about it, the important thing is to just do it.

The second kind of professional blogger is those who start a blog hoping to attract clients to advertise on their blog for a fee of course. This kind of blog is fueled more by how passionate the writer is about the topics she is writing about. Of course, when one is passionate about something, it just follows that he or she will also be working hard to maintain it and be good at it.

The result: Either you want to write an article for a fee or want others to advertise on your blog, both required you to be serious with your blog from churning out articles or contents to promoting your blog to be it more popular and for your blog to succeed.

Tip#4: Think of Innovative Money Making Extras

Aside from being paid to blog, another great way to make your blog earn more money is by putting advertisements or affiliate offers on your site. While there are clients who will pay good money just to have their advertisements on a popular site, there are also those commission-based web advertisements where you will get paid depending on how many people click on the ads from your blog.

The result: The best thing about blogging is that there is always an opportunity for residue income or multi-stream income.

Tip#5: Offer Special Services

Direct this to clients, be confident about your work and surely more people will get enticed into hiring you for possible blogging jobs. Put your e-mail on your blog just in case there are people who will be interested to ask you to write for them in your blog, it depends on you on how much you want to charge them of course. Keep your network strong and your viewers will stay with you. You can use your network as leverage further down the road to tap into even more profits as a blogger!

The result: Be creative and the sky is the limit.

Author Bio: My name is Bernice Stockstill. I’m from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and have fallen in love with the State College area. Additionally, I have an ESL Certificate. I will be co-teaching 3 sections of AP English Language Composition and 3 sections of English 11 alongside Melissa this year. Also, I help students with essay writing via write a essay for me service give them advice about how to write it well.