Simple Ways Leaders Can Boost Employee Engagement

It has been discovered that if an employer offers a higher quality of life at work for his or her employees, then there will be increased employee retention as well as employee satisfaction. A satisfied employee will definitely produce more as there is nothing standing in the way of production. Research has it that employee satisfaction is linked to customer satisfaction and which ultimately leads to increase in the organization’s financial performance.

Each year about $2.5 trillion is lost due to employee unproductivity. Workers who are not engaged in their workplaces tend to feel stifled by their supervisors or bosses or feel unappreciated when underpaid. All these are transferred to the customer in the long run in one way or another which in turn hurts the company financially. It is said that when employees are happy and engaged in their work, they are likely to take 10 times less sick offs because they enjoy what they do.

However, the road to improving the productivity of an employee, driving employee happiness and generally improving their quality of work and life is no easy take. Actually, there is no formula or magic pill to cracking this one out. However, we have outlined some tips to try and improve the quality of work and life of employees.

#1. Concentrate on Yourself

Concentrate on YourselfAs a leader, those who look up to you will check out how you carry yourself as you run your errands. It is thus important that possess a great and likable personality so that they get to enjoy your company even as they perform their daily tasks. As a leader in business, you can never stop learning, developing or evolving not just in your business as a whole, but so as to be a better leader the people you lead. Great and powerful leaders come up with habits that channel them up to the road of success. You can look out for books and publications that talk about how leaders can harness and use their coaching skills and abilities to help them and their employees set up for success.

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#2. Be A Present Leader but Do Not Micro-Manage

Be A Present LeaderAre you looking to see your employees be their best selves? The secret is to empower them. Employees love it when they have the freedom to be who they are and think on their own. They need to work in an environment that is not stringent. This is not to say that you give them all the authority there is in the world, but you should allow them the freedom to work without the supervision of a boss around. The results will be great. Show them what is to be done and how to do it and let them tackle their way out. They will feel empowered and work to their best.

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#3. Applaud Good Work Well Done

Make it a habit of recognizing when something good has been done and make an effort to acknowledge great work and lead by example for other organizational leaders to follow suit. Put up and implement an employee engagement plan that is low cost. Even a simple thank you could go a long mile towards improving the quality of work in the workplace.

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#4. Set Up Goals and Reward When They Are Met

Set Up GoalsGoals are very important for the daily operations of any business. If you need a goal to be met by the end of a particular day, set up a goal and have something fun to do when the goal has been met. When employees are tasked with a challenging thing to work towards in the course of the day, they are likely to go above and beyond what had been targeted. Try to test and change the plans of your company so as to make the workstation not only challenging but also interesting and fun. Such like rewards will revitalize employees and give them more psyched to deliver similar rewards even when the reward system has been pulled out.

#5. Challenge Your Workforce

You can bring up challenging new challenging tasks to your employees, even if they are out of their job functions. Allow them to direct the way and discussion, sharing their personal or professional goals. As their leader, you can help them by showing them how to build the path to attain their desired goals. Challenge your employees by allowing them to chair a committee to identify, evaluate and bring a solution. When employees feel that they are part of a bigger change will motivate them and increase the quality of their productivity.

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#6. Food Is Fun

foodWho is never motivated by a sumptuous plate of exciting food? Food can be a great motivator for your employees, but that is not just about it. Depend on what you offer your employees, free food can boost the wellness and morale of your workplace. Food not only brings workmates together, but it also creates trust, establishes relationships and creates memories which shape your workers for years to go inside and outside of your company. Food, as well as other team perks, helps improve team dynamics and employee relationships.

Leading can sometimes be tough and needs one to be focused and be patient. A great leader is one who creates a great ambiance for working and one who understands that workers cannot fully work well in constrained environments. As earlier mentioned, a satisfied employee delivers effectively, which earns the organization great financial steps. The above 6 points will help leaders improve the quality of work and employees in a great way.

About the Author: Janet Anthony is a blogger from Kansas City who has been writing professionally for five years now. She mostly writes about blogging, internet marketing, and entrepreneurship. Her motto is “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”. Find Janet here: facebook