Virtual Event Solutions for Smart Event Planners

Since virtual events have become a popular trend now, the focus should be on creating immersive and unique online events to make them more lucrative and realistic. To this accurately, it is important to understand your business needs and objectives and look for an ideal virtual event solution that will fulfill your business requirements.

Today, with the availability of multiple event solutions, event planners are looking for virtual venues that have brushed their skill set and have familiarized themselves with the latest digital tools and innovations to make any virtual event a successful affair.

To make it simpler, let us walk you through some excellent virtual event solutions that will help you deliver even more exciting and remarkable online event experiences;

1. Dreamcast

Dreamcast is the one-stop solution that helps you host flourishing online events. It is recognized for delivering exceptional virtual experiences by offering unique & impressive features that allow event planners to organize engaging and interactive virtual events, hybrid events, webcasting, webinars, and live streaming, that suits your business needs.

Being a 100% customizable interface, it helps you build an impactful impression right from the start. From animated light at the lobby, 3D teleportation, to offering smooth navigation on the platform, the platform has excellent features to make your virtual event bizarre. 

Networking and engagement are other important aspects of any virtual event. Dreamcast provides numerous networking opportunities that allow the attendees and sponsors to connect, interact, and begin meaningful communications. To name some AI matchmaking, virtual networking tables, business card exchange features, B2B meetings scheduler, and many more are effective means to obtain qualified leads or make new connections.

It does not end here, this virtual event solution also helps you with accurate attendee data and insights to let you gauge the success of your virtual event or make some significant improvements for your upcoming online events.


It is an end-to-end event management solution that helps virtual event planners to deliver authentic experiences for their exhibitors and audiences. They believe in formulating a compelling agenda to take your virtual event in the right direction. With effective features such as live streaming, 1:1 speed networking, customizable virtual booths, multiple keynote & breakout sessions, the platform offers immense opportunities to let you connect with new people and build strong relationships.

With a notable focus on growth expedition, the Accelevents’ virtual venue is created to obtain meaningful analytics that will help you improve your marketing efforts and sales achievement approaches.

Being backed by 24*7 tech and customer support, Accelevents tries to

ensure that participants do not encounter any technical errors before or during the online event.


Hexafair is another distinguished virtual event software that helps you add an exciting element to your virtual meetings, exhibitions, trade shows, or conferences by using the latest and advanced digital tools. Right from creating unique 3D exhibitors booths to a powerful auditorium and lobby, Hexafair excels in each of these. Their remarkably scalable, adaptable, and flexible event platform offers seamless integrations with the best software tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. Besides this, Hexafair holds the ability to seamlessly organize live events and on-demand content. Their platform helps you create a compelling landing page, event websites, and emails to draw more attendees and drive sustainable growth. 


It is an excellent 3D virtual event platform that intends to host visually rich and extremely appealing virtual events that will drive impactful results. If you want the attendees to spend maximum time on the virtual platform it is necessary to include unique and realistic elements that will recreate the experiences of an on-site event. For this, Airmeet lets you design a fully customizable interface with beautiful 3D lobby designs and novel exhibitor booths. Another interesting feature that this events platform incorporates to promote engagement is via its push notifications. 

This virtual event venue is endeavored to deliver marvelous event experiences to all the attendees. They aim to create a virtual atmosphere that allows the participants to conveniently move across different sessions, networking lounges, or exhibition booths to begin meaningful interactions.

We can conclude with the fact that Airmeet is way beyond a simple event platform. It has a group of passionate event experts, professionals, and organizers who follow a strategic approach in order to deliver virtual experiences that can amaze everyone.


Hopin’s virtual platform intends to deliver life-like event experiences to all attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. It is considered an integrated platform that presents endless potentials for the attendees and exhibitors to communicate and build strong connections. 

Hopin proposes a broad set of exciting hosting innovations that can help you host virtual events for up to 100,000 attendees. It’s a familiar tool preferred by various event planners, as it offers various ways to replicate that the experience of a physical event.

Features like customizable virtual booths, 1:1 discussion, join hands-on sessions, or live events help in attracting more attendees to the online event. It is an effective way that the event organizers can use to let businesses enhance their global reach and connect with people residing in different parts of the globe.


Vmeets has a mindful team of experts and specialists who aim to promote more interaction and higher dwell times for attendees through exciting and immersive content.

They can create 3D virtual experiences with the help of powerful tools that can drive more sales, generate qualified leads, and develop enduring relationships with your audiences who can turn out to be prospects someday. 

The platform excels in creating attractive landing pages for the sponsors with their company descriptions and other appropriate information to lure more people to the virtual event.

Final Word

A virtual event is all about impactful experiences, compelling features, and advanced tools which will fascinate the attendees and leave a lasting impression. Each of these is possible with the choice of an ideal virtual event solution. Therefore, it is important to invest some time to identify your goals and needs to select the right virtual event platform that best suits the business requirements.

Looking for an all-in-one virtual event platform? Get in touch with Dreamcast!