5 Top Romantic Locations in Eastern Europe to Make Memories Together

Eastern European countries, especially Ukraine and Russia, are filled with a romantic mood if you know where to go. There are so many stereotypes about these countries, but if you visit the places we’re going to list below, boy, are you going to change your mind!

If you’re after Russian women for marriage or just want to go on a romantic trip, prepare to take some notes.

5 Best Ukrainian and Russian Places to Go to for Romantic Mood

St. Petersburg

Not one place, the whole city. When you go there, every park, every building will make you want to be with someone. Canal-riddled streets, gorgeous parks, huge breathtaking palaces, the sites world’s famous poets were writing about. The whole city is a masterpiece, and if you get on any tour local guides provide, you can make it the best trip of your life.

There are hundreds of places where you can propose or celebrate your anniversary. Bring your girlfriend to Peterhof or Catherine Palace and show her how much she means to you. You will feel like a king and a queen there!

Tunnel of Love, Klevan

Moving to Ukraine, you must have seen this tunnel somewhere on the Internet. It’s in Rivnens’ka oblast, a green, magical tunnel that creates memories and heals hearts. Nature itself has made the place on an old railway road. The greenery interlocks and creates a gorgeous tunnel, becoming an example of the special wonders of this amazing country.

Every couple should go there at least once. There’s even a legend that says if you kiss your beloved one while riding the tunnel, your love will never end.

The best time to visit Klevan is spring or summer. The greenery is in its best state during that time, but in case you’re looking for a Christmas trip, you’ll be charmed as well.

Park Bridge, Kyiv

Visiting the capital of Ukraine is a must-do if you’re nearby. There are lots of locations that will make you fall in love with each other again and with the city, but the Park Bridge is by far the best. It has seen thousands, if not millions of first dates and kisses, proposals, and weddings.

It has helped couples spend romantic evenings since 1910, putting locks and holding hands. You can spend a whole day there or make it a section of the capital route, finishing with a sweet romantic dinner in one of Kyiv’s restaurants.

University Botanical Garden, Chernivtsi

Botanical gardens are incredible, especially in spring. In Chernivtsi, the Botanical Garden is within the university location. The building itself is very old and has that romantic vibe. And the park will make you feel like you’re in a love movie. Take a walk there, breathe fresh air, meditate on colorful flowers and greenery.

You’ll feel like it’s a dream, but it’s just one of all the places in Ukraine where you can feel this way.

Italian Courtyard, Lviv

Lviv is one of all the great popular sights in the country, and the Italian Courtyard is on the list of favorite places for people to go to when in a romantic mood. It’s similar to the courtyards of Florence and Rome. Jazz is all around; this is the perfect place for your next romantic evening!

Bringing your other half to a romantic place like the ones above is essential. You’ll create wonderful memories and freshen up your relationship. It often happens that couples get all busy with their jobs, household stuff, losing the fire and warmth that were there at first. Going on a romantic trip together will feel like the first date when the feelings are fresh, and every good thing is ahead of you.