Tips for Picking Out a New Mattress

A night of good sleep is essential for brain cell regeneration, alertness during the day, and eliminating fatigue. On average, humans require about 6 to 9 hours of sleep every day. While ideally, we should wake up energized and feeling renewed, a wrong mattress choice can deny us this privilege.

Waking up with bed sores or having a sleepless night due to your partner’s movements is frustrating. To eliminate these fears, you need to invest in a new mattress. Below are the top eight tips that should guide you in your new purchase.

Get the Right Type

The firmness, texture, and overall comfort of a mattress depending on its make. The material of a mattress will determine its durability, cost, and convenience. Each mattress is distinct, but no matter the manufacturer, they fall under the following types innerspring, latex, memory foam, hybrid, air, and water mattresses. Choosing the right type of mattress is based upon your own personal preference. If you are unsure about what type you like best, getting the best adjustable bed available to you will be essential to finding your preference.

Have your Dimensions Right

Mattresses come in different sizes and thicknesses. Before purchasing a new mattress you must consider the size. If you have a small bedroom you should choose a single over a king-size mattress. If you had a smaller mattress and you want to upgrade to a bigger mattress, you should change the bed frame too. The thickness will determine how you get to or off the bed.

Test the Mattress

Lying down on the mattress for about ten to fifteen minutes helps to inform your choice. Most shops will allow you to test the mattresses in various sleeping styles whether on the back, side or by your stomach. Ensure you spare sufficient time and tag along with your partner when considering to perform a test. Ensure that the mattress has the right size, texture, and comfort before making any purchase.

Read Reviews

Feedback from former customers will help you make an informed purchase. Reviews by former customers allow you to get unbiased information about the mattress’s goodness or brand. Check out for a nice blend of the positive, average, and negative feedback to understand the mattress’s pros and cons.

Check for Trial Period and Return Policy

The test at the shop may not reflect the actual real-life experience. There is a need for the real test, which is a whole night, week, or month to match your comfort needs. The return policy is usually a 30-day window where you can take back the mattress if it does not meet your comfort needs. Though there is typically a cost attached to the restocking exercise, it is worth it than bad nights for the next several years.

Look at the Warranty

Mattresses, like other products, are vulnerable to manufacturer defects and abnormal wear and tear. A more extended warranty period means that the manufacturer has confidence in his product quality. Short warranty durations are an indicator of low quality in the product.

Consider the Performance

Please find out how long the mattress before it deteriorates under everyday use. Check how the mattress adapts to minimize motion transfer when another person switches their position. Inquire about the responsiveness of the mattress during romance.

Examine the heat absorption and retention rate during sleep and inspect the degree of noise due to movements. Scrutinize the amount of support the mattress offers to the spine and pelvis. Observe the amount of edge support the mattress exhibit on exertion of weight.

Read the Fine Print

Always be sure to read thoroughly through the fine prints. Check whether the company offers free shipping and the cost delivery service. Look out for the wait time in the event of delivery services. Is there a home assembly service, and how much is the associated cost? Find out the duration of the sleep trial, offers for exchanges, the return fee, and what happens to returned mattresses. Check whether the company offers a full refund in the event of a return. Read to find out if the warranty is non-prorated. In a non-prorated contract, you will not incur any cost of repair or replacement.

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For whatever reasons you may have, buying a new mattress can be stressful and expensive. Proper research is crucial to get a quality product in a hustle free manner. The above tips are a useful guide when considering to buy a new mattress.