Wire Harnesse

The most integral aspects of a system often go unnoticed without getting the attention they deserve, even if they are essential for proper functioning. The perfect example of this is wire harnesses, which are arguably one of the most vital parts of the automobile and aerospace industry. 

Having quality wire harnesses from reliable, professional suppliers like Scondar instead of individual wiring can be the difference between a smoothly functioning system and a system failure. 

However, wire harnesses are still relatively unknown, and many people don’t know what they are or what their purpose is. In this article, we will get rid of that confusion and talk about what wire harnesses are, their importance, their benefits, and how they can go bad. 

What exactly is a wire harness? 

A set group of wires that are similar in function and size, which are protected and held together by a covering, are called wire harnesses. A wire harness is not a wire that provides information or power to the system but rather a bundle of separate individual cables that power the system. Professional wire manufacturers supply these wire harness assemblies to systems that have a lot of individual wire routes. 

To protect them from harm, these wire bundles are covered by a sheathing of protective material and don’t need extra protection to cover them, making them ideal for use in compact and small places. That is the exact reason why wire harnesses are used in PCs as well as airplanes a lot. 

What is it used for? 

While their purpose may seem insignificant and trivial, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Firstly, a reliable grouping system is necessary for individual wires and connectors that have the same function or otherwise systems will get too cluttered and messy. A wire harness does precisely that by binding all wires in its protective sheathing. 

This also makes the wires more streamlined and straightforward to use. In tight spaces like airplane engines, car engines, and PCs, where there is an immense need for bundled wiring, a wire harness can come to the rescue by providing an easy solution to all space problems. 

Secondly, they can help power connectors provide a more reliable and efficient power supply than before. This ensures a fantastic source of power supply that can be attached or detached easily at any given moment. These harnesses provide an affordable solution to those that are looking to organize their wiring networks into one single connection. 

Benefits of using a wire harness in your system. 

Wire harnesses come with their own unique benefits to each system they are used in, no matter if it’s an automobile system, an airplane circuit, or a power supply line in computers. These benefits are – 

Additional protection. 

Wire harnesses have a sheathing of their own that is designed to not only bundle wires but protect them and give them additional protection. Depending on the type and material of the sheathing, the covering is sufficient to provide immense thermal, static, and damage protection.


No one wants to deal with a system that is an absolute mess of tangled wires. That often happens with systems that don’t use wire harnesses but instead opt for free individual cables that end up stuck with each other sooner or later. A wire harness helps you avoid this issue by giving you a proper way of tying up your wires into one single wire connector. 


The best thing about wire harnesses is that they aren’t expensive at all. Most wire harnesses have almost negligible production cost, which is immense considering the product value they have. It only makes sense to spend a minimal amount on wire harnesses to protect wires that are connected to systems worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

What can make your harness go bad? 

There are several reasons why your wire harness can go bad out of a sudden. While they are particularly beneficial when they are functioning well, all their utility goes away when wire harnesses break apart. In the worst-case scenario, this can lead to short circuits, which in turn can have drastic consequences such as engine blow-up or power failure. 

While you won’t face these issues if you purchase your wire harnesses at a reliable manufacturer, there is still an off-chance that you may have received subpar wire harnesses from a shady manufacturer. Fortunately, you can easily detect the bad quality on these wire harnesses through various aspects such as –

  • Bad design – It is essential to know that not all wire harnesses fit all ports. If you incorrectly design a wire harness for an automobile with either false layouts or bad measurements, it may get misplaced in slots causing the system to stop working. 
  • Low-quality materials – Various low-quality materials are used as alternatives to quality-grade wiring and sheathing, such as copper alloys and non-compatible plastic. 
  • Bad crimping – A crimp is a connector that helps wires get attached to terminals. However, at the chance that they are not connected properly, they can easily lead to short circuits and power failures for the entire system. 


There are various things that you should know about a wire harness before using it, and we hope this article helped you do just that and if it did, consider following our website for regular updates.