WordPress never is a CMS that never fails to impress the WordPress community; whether you are a developer or a user, it has the good stuff that makes us raise our eyebrows. From a simple blog to a full-fledged CMS, it has all the juice needed to power more than 25% of websites on the internet. There are many things that WordPress development offers besides its popularity. It is also known for usability and an easy-to-develop environment.

WordPress Basics

  • It’s an open-source CMS licensed under GNU GPLv2
  • It can be downloaded and used on a hosted website

WordPress may be free but the other aspects like servers, plugins, and themes are not all free. These are paid and free variants that help WordPress to improve its functionality.

Benefits of WordPress Development 

Those who are expecting WordPress to fall anytime soon are in for a big surprise. If anything this platform will continue growing and therefore, it is a good career choice for those wanting to venture into WordPress development as a career. The platform is gradually changing by moving to move towards JavaScript and React.js to make it better. Those who are just starting, the best place to begin with WordPress are by learning PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. These programming languages are necessary to make WordPress efficient. If you already have these languages and you want to thrive in your career as a WordPress developer, here are a few advanced tips to help you with that.

WordPress Development Tips

If you want to succeed in your WordPress development, handling your workflow is necessary. You also need to understand the core and how to debug properly

Optimize your workflow

What makes your development effective and efficient is the workflow. Just like any other website development, it requires attention to detail. You also need to optimize your workflow. There are several ways to optimize your workflow. An advanced developer will always focus on tools for testing and automation of WordPress development. For an optimal workflow, most WordPress developers experiment with the environment. When you choose to customize your environment, the results will be based on your preference and requirement, so you need to decide accordingly.

Learn about WordPress Core

It is always good to know what you’re working on. This means that you need to understand the Core that gives you unlimited power to handle your WordPress projects. The majority of WordPress developers like to start from the beginning dive into complexities as they move on. This is understandable since it’s the normal way of understanding new technology. WordPress has made it interesting that you won’t just learn about its technology, but you can also contribute your knowledge to it.

Understand the WordPress ecosystem

Another great thing about learning WordPress is that you get to understand between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. You need to understand how the free plugin and the free theme affect your WordPress development. Usually, paid tools and themes will work much better than the free theme. It’s also good to know why free plugins are of poor quality. You can benefit from the entire learning process once you get to understand the ecosystem. This way you can expand your repertoire as a developer.

Get familiar with WordPress debugging

An integral part of programming is debugging, and so is WordPress development. The easiest way to get started if you are a beginner or to follow the official debug guide on WordPress codex. After some time you can then move to the debugging tools.

Follow WordPress best practices and guidelines

To get started with WordPress you need to understand the coding standard. It is important that you adopt guidelines and best practices early in the development process. This helps you to keep your code clean, updated and simple too with. Another wise thing to do in your WordPress development is using React.js in moving WordPress slowly but steadily. You can also utilize the WordPress Rest API and creates a simple version of the Twenty Sixteen WordPress theme to improve on your WordPress development.

Since WordPress is a bad implementation of PHP, although it works, the best way to make it ready in the future is to learn “JavaScript deeply.” It is not a secret that WordPress is now moving towards JavaScript, and is already using the language for front-end development.

Final sentiments 

Compared to other CMSs, WordPress stands tall providing developers with the necessary tools and environment to bring out the best in your WordPress development. Using WordPress also gives numerous options to customize your website to perform according to your business requirements. Both developers and users have an opportunity of using an array of tools to simplify running and developing a WordPress website. Another good thing about WordPress is its open-source attribute where users can contribute or use code from other developers to enhance plugins and themes. You also have an option to build your website from the ground up or use the ready-made template to build on it. The best option is to go for the custom option of developing your WordPress website since you can build your website according to your feel and requirement. As a WordPress developer, you should use the paid themes and plugins since they are of high quality and will give you great service and don’t forget to update them frequently, to avoid vulnerabilities.

Author: Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at NamanModi.com, He is an Award-Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneur’s launches their first successful online business.