Most people who fascinate about technology are crazy about the feeds and speeds. Everybody wants a sizable memory capacity and fast processors on low latency networks. 5G is the thing we expect to find more speed and capacity. The 5G network is under test for cellular data connection which is very crucial for strategic planning for its launch and establishment.

#1. It will be super fast

It is almost obvious but important to note that the speeds are higher than the current 4G and broadband connections that we use. The 4G downloads 19.42Mbps while the 5G is expected to get downloads in gigabits. In fact, tests have shown that the network supports the speed of 5 gigabytes in one second. This is more than 200 times faster than the current 4G speeds. This is the first trial later we expect more improvements on speeds which will be extra fast.

#2. Speed is not the only benefit

The 5G has more benefits than just speed; it will load higher capacity memory on mobile networks, making it easy to support more data. If you have experienced a slowdown or shut down of data connection because many people are online at the same time. This change in the network means that many devices can load on the network without slowing down the connections. 5G will improve the amount of time used to transmit data because it supports extremely low-latency connections; communications will be very fast. The huge amounts of data will be transferred in a good way, allowing high-quality video and photo sharing with great internet browsing experience. With the 4G network, the strength of connectivity is determined by how far one is from the cell tower, but the 5G network will have plentiful cell towers making it accessible by most people.

#3. Connections will be beyond phones

The 5G network will not only benefit the smart devices, especially smartphones only. It is going to change every connected device including self-drive cars. For them to achieve full automation mode the cars will need to be fast in communication with the surrounding environment. This will only be possible because of the high memory capacity and low latency rate. The wearables will also not be left behind. The smart devices, virtual reality headsets, and PCs will improve on their features and functions a great deal to help ace my homework. There will be sensors connected to farming equipment, traffic lights, and more such devices.  Social media conversations and video calls will change a great deal.

#4. The downside

Every good thing comes with its downside. For the 5G network the extra speed, low latency, and high capacity come at a higher cost. Most connectivity companies have cited an increase in data costs. However, some companies are optimistic that later the prices might come down once the 5G connectivity is finally rolled out. The only problem is determining how long the establishment of the network will take.

#5. We will wait a bit longer for the 5G

There has been a lot of progress in the establishment of the 5G network, but we still have a long way to go before we are there. Hardware companies and carrier companies have begun making commitments and most agree that the first possible 5G network to get to the consumers will be by 2020. This will be the first stages which will come with lots of unprecedented effects on devices and inconsistencies in network coverage. This is because it takes time to build networks and they will be built from the major cities first and then the rest of the cities and towns. So if you are not near a major city, then you will wait a bit longer for the 5G to get to you.

The fifth generation wireless network is going to make a huge difference in technology and how things work. In fact, a paper writer will be experiencing a moment of instant connectivity, connections, instant information among others. Many technology experts are going to invent successful devices that will complement the networks. Some devices will need to be changed for them to be compatible with the 5G network.