WordPress Hosting

As the mostly used CMS, WordPress enables anybody to create almost all types of websites. Indeed, it is more popular as a blogging platform. However, you can also turn it into an e-commerce or even a news portal using various options of features and plugging.

There are some benefits if you are choosing a WordPress Hosting. First of all, you don’t need to be an expert in terms of language programming. The best thing about WordPress is indeed easiness for anyone even beginners to access and operate it. Second, it has complete information with a big community coming from realms like developers and bloggers. Third, WordPress is also known as a CMS with very affordable prices.

Meanwhile, there are some points to be included in WordPress Hosting plans. All of them are basically functioned to make your website work well with high traffic and, of course, income.


Installing WordPress is not something difficult nowadays. Hosting providers even compete with each other to give easiness for customers in developing their blogs or websites. Even if you want to upgrade it, it is very easy. The newest version can be found out using a tool from WordPress namely Auto Installer.

Theme and Design

Providing hundreds or even thousands of themes is one of the benefits of using WordPress. No matter what design you want to apply, it can be simply found in this CMS. In general, the repository of WordPress official themes loads more than 6,000 options. The themes can be found by opening Appearance and Theme menu available on the dashboard. So, do you want to see the preview of the theme before applying it? Click Preview.

Interestingly, WordPress doesn’t only enable you to choose the theme. You can also edit it by visiting the menu of Appearance and Customize. You should not worry, aside from themes provided officially from WordPress, there are many designers who register their themes to be used widely by WordPress users.

Content and Pages

In WordPress, you can upload and create one of the following content types. They are pages, posts, and media. The pages content is the basic unit in a website. You can create a static or permanent page that should not be changed anytime.

Meanwhile, posts are areas where you can create various dynamic content including articles, blog posts, and guest publications. Lastly, the content can be in the form of media. Media refer to files like pictures, audio, and video. After the media are uploaded, you may attach the files on the page or post.


Another benefit of WordPress is the number of numerous plugins. Those plugins can be simply installed to give you many new features and functions. To enjoy them, you can choose the Plugins option. Then, click Add New and then install the plugin you need. The plugin that has been installed is saved in the menu of Install Plugins.

There are some popular plugins available in WordPress. Some of them are Yoast SEO, All-in-One WP Migration, WooCommerce, and more. Choose one of them that is really in line with your needs.