It is natural for hormone levels to lessen as we begin to age. Often, men don’t notice the changes that they bring with them. A change in the level of androgen can decrease muscle mass, increase belly fat, insomnia, brain fog and decrease libido. When someone is experiencing this, it can be dealt with. Hormone Replacement Therapy Toronto is a popular procedure that can increase the level of hormones and improve the quality of life. We are here to tell you about this procedure.

Why should you consider this procedure?

Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for various critical functions in men. It enables sexual development, reproduction function, muscle and bone building and maintenance of the red blood cells. It also impacts the mood, thinking, sleep cycle and energy levels. When there is a decrease in the level of testosterone, a person can see its impact in various spheres of life. You might find yourself feeling low and tired constantly. When this happens, you might find it difficult to pinpoint one cause. Low levels of this hormone can also cause erectile dysfunction, reduced sexual desire, insomnia, depressed mood, brain fog and increased belly fat.

How does HRT work?

HRT or Hormone replacement procedure involves using the man-made hormone. It is safe and needs to be carried out in a prescribed and monitored manner. These formulations mimic the hormones and are usually naturally derived. Detailed blood work will help to customise the treatment. The procedure is tailored as per the requirement of the patient. There are various formats in which this therapy is carried out:

  1. Intramuscular Injections: In this method, a testosterone shot is given into the muscle of the buttocks. This is a carefully made shot and is monitored by the physician. It needs to be given once in 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the patient.
  2. Testosterone Patches: Patches containing the hormone are applied to the back, arms, buttocks or abdomen. The hormones are absorbed by the skin through this patch.
  3. Topical Gel:  Application of testosterone gel or cream for absorption by the body. The cream can be applied to the shoulder, arms or abdomen.

What are the side effects associated with HRT?

Before you begin the treatment, the physician will discuss the details. You will be educated about HRT in depth, which means understanding the side effects as well. Though there are many positives, there are certain side effects. Headaches, tiredness, weight gain, mood swings, blurred vision, cramps and breast tenderness are some of the most common ones. These side effects are temporary and improve when the ideal dose and balance are achieved.

Speak to an expert

It is always best to reach out to an experienced physician. They will educate you about the procedure. Help to determine whether you are the ideal candidate. Before undergoing this therapy it needs to be determined that you have low testosterone. The physician will carry out the necessary tests and create the ideal dosage.