early symptoms of acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia is cancer particularly developed in the bone and bone marrow (the spongy tissue inside the bone responsible for blood cell development). The disease is called acute because it spreads more rapidly than its counterparts.

The disease works by rapidly cultivating immature blood cells, rather than cycling the mature ones. Children are more prone to this disease than adults, and by advanced treatment options, a full recovery is possible. Although adults have fewer chances of acquiring this disease, still there is a probability of a diagnose. The odds of treatment working for adults is sadly less. A disease of such magnitude is obvious to reveal some early signs. Some signs and symptoms are listed below:

General Symptoms

  •   Fatigue
  •   Unexplainable weight loss
  •   Frequent night sweats
  •   Appetite loss
  •   Fevers

These symptoms can also appear in any diseases other than Leukemia. So, don’t worry and avail the tests before panicking. As the disease results in reducing the normal blood cell cycle. The lack of blood cells produced by the bone marrow portrays a separate class of symptoms. These symptoms could be seen after a blood test by any general physician. The symptoms are:

  •   Easy bruising
  •   Recurrent fevers
  •   A sense of dizziness
  •   Feeling tired, weak, and light headed
  •   Regularly caught by infections
  •   Severe bleeding from nose and gums

Abdomen Swelling

Leukemia cells can attack your liver and spleen causing them to swell. The symptom is marked by a fullness of belly after only eating a few quantities of food. The enlarged organs make less food drive down in your stomach. Although they might look normal, but a doctor can feel the difference.

Enlarged Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes close to the body surface has a greater chance of being affected. The nodes located on the sides of neck, armpits, and in the groin are easily infected. These are attacked by the cancer cells and can be noticed as lumps in the skin. Lymph nodes inside the chest and the abdomen likewise fall, but the affected nodes show no physical abnormalities. They could only be noticed in a CT or MRI scan or magnetic resonance imaging and can provide your doctor with essential information about your body that no other imaging modality can.

Bone and Joint Pain

In many cases, these cancerous buildups are clustered around the bone and the joint area causing a severe bone and joint pain.

 Cancer struck organs

  •   If cancer attacks the brain or the spinal cord it will cause headaches, seizure, troubled coordination, distorted vision, and occasional vomiting.
  •   When cancer reaches to the chest cavity, it will cause a massive fluid buildup resulting in difficult breathing. The problem becomes severe while sleeping, as the lack of oxygen and sleep tires your body.
  •   It’s rare but possible that cancer spreads to the skin, eyes, kidneys or any other organ.

Cancer is a difficult disease. Without an early diagnosis, no treatment is possible. To get the tests, visit the oncologist nearby and save yourself from the depression of this deadly virus in your lives.