People living in studio apartments, single-family homes, condos, and townhomes continually complain about a lack of storage space. However, storage space starts growing smaller and smaller, even in big houses with growing families. 

It’s natural for us to accumulate clutter, fixtures, furniture, appliances, and discarded items over the years of our existence. We must manage our clutter and belongings efficiently to make our living spaces functional and aesthetically pleasing. As we go about making a home for every belonging we own, we often run out of storage space. 

Running out of storage space is the first stage of chaos ensuing in our surroundings. Before we know it, books and toys start spilling into the dining area. The kitchen begins absorbing all kinds of clutter, and the living room forever appears messy and disorganized. 

If this tale sounds familiar, keep reading to explore some storage secrets to maintaining an organized and decluttered home effortlessly. 

Don’t Hold onto Clutter 

What’s the best way to create more storage space in your home? It’s simple: get rid of your clutter, unusable junk, discarded appliances, and broken fixtures. What’s the purpose of holding onto clutter that’s taking up space without adding any value to your life? 

When the garage is overwhelmed with unwanted appliances and your dad’s extensive jazz collection, tools will crowd the kitchen cabinets. Storing items that are not needed around the house is only depriving you of using your space efficiently. However, renting a temperature-controlled self storage unit can help you dispose of these belongings without parting ways. 

You can maintain a rental storage unit to store belongings and items that hold sentimental or monetary value. If they don’t serve a purpose in your home, let them languish in a storage unit while enjoying your space. Just imagine, cleaning out the attic and garage would create ample storage space to declutter your home. 

Sneaky & Hidden Spots 

Are there any sneaky and hidden storage spots that you’ve failed to utilize efficiently? There’s plenty of space to hoard seasonal laundry bags, clothing, and bedding underneath the bed. Instead of stuffing everything inside the closet, store some items underneath the beds, couches, and other furniture. 

It’s wise to invest in ottomans, sofas, and couches that come with hidden storage space. You can also customize wooden trunks that serve as makeshift coffee tables with hidden storage space inside. Remember David’s crafty DIY wooden chest from Schitt’s Creek? The idea is ingenious, just like everything else about the season. 

Embracing furniture items that double as storage units is a fabulous trick to enjoy more space in a small apartment. Adhesive hooks are a great trick to create storage space and hang up items in cupboards, shelves, and walls. 

Rotating Shelves & Dividers 

Are you familiar with the frustration of spilling dozens of jars in the struggle to retrieve a jar from the far end? While storage and organization are instrumental in maintaining peace and efficiency in your home. Most storage systems and hacks end up creating more chaos than they attempted to fix. 

We advise you to invest in rotating shelves and cabinets to enjoy organizational benefits with increased accessibility. You can set up rotatable shelves and cabinets everywhere in the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom. These shelves will carry dozens of items in style and ensure whatever you need is instantly within your reach. 

Dividers also serve the similar purpose of enhancing accessibility by creating an efficient organizational system. Dividing the drawer containing forks, spoons and knives create endless utility and ease of accessibility. Similarly, separating the undergarments, socks, and lingerie items will save you time, trouble, and storage. 

Be sure to invest in rotating shelves and dividers to add more storage space to your property! 

Take the DIY Route 

Homeowners who’re tired of clutter spilling and overshadowing their lives often turn to DIY tricks to win back their control. Numerous DIY strategies and tricks can help you add more storage space. Rustic wooden shelves and racks are the best, most budget-friendly strategy to organize your belongings. 

Wooden shelves and racks are easy to assemble and install, and they blend seamlessly well into the interior. You can hang them in the kitchen, playroom, dining room, living room – basically anywhere and everywhere. Shelves are highly functional at controlling the clutter and creating a house for your belongings. 

What’s more, they exude a delightful earthly charm that will beautify your living spaces.

Look Under the Stairs

Have you tapped into the expansive storage space located under the stairs? If not, no wonder your home is cluttered and running out of storage space!

Stairs create an architectural design that leaves ample space within the structure that allows you to travel from floor to floor. You can use this space to create built-in shelves, large drawers, rotating cabinets, and pull-out shelves. These shelves will prove helpful in storing out-of-season clothes, seasonal appliances, sports equipment, and other items. 


If you’re constantly running out of storage space, it’s wise to examine the belongings you’ve accumulated mindfully. In most cases, we gather clutter and junk, which overwhelms our storage spaces and our lives become bizarrely chaotic. 

It’s essential to tap into all the hidden and secret storage spaces already available to you. We also advise you to bring fixtures, such as racks, shelves, and adhesive hooks, to create functional storage spaces. The key to an organized home lies in the art of creating a home for everything you own!