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If you are not so frequent on Instagram, it is high time that you make your presence felt on this social app, especially if you have an online business to manage. Instagram declared some time back that it would change its algorithm to let users know what content they care about in the first place. Then, it could make things difficult for marketers to use organic posts, as most Instagrammers did not have 70 percent of the content on their IG feeds. 

Then, brand Instagram posts that have natural engagement may sometimes beat the algorithms. There are many factors to decide the ranking of posts on Instagram, including comments and likes. 

According to an article published on, there are many IG tools to boost followers and engagement rates. These include SocialDrift, ViralRace, ViralUpgrade, and more. 

In this post, you will learn about some of the clever ways to increase Instagram comments. Here are they: 

Instagram takeover

When it comes to Instagram takeover, it is a fun-filled way to fetch fresh content on your IG feed and help you collaborate with influencers and coworkers. You can use takeover to create more IG engagement. 

Takeovers will engage a single user taking over the feed of someone else, primarily for a day. It means posting from that person’s perspective. Usually, takeovers are done from the viewpoint of a coworker, any other business in your industry, and an influencer. As far as takeovers are concerned, they help you in generating more comments no matter if it happens on your Instagram profile, or if you take over another IG account. You can share your brand stories to a completely new audience and their engaged followers. 

You can close a takeover with an effective call-to-action or CTA to follow your IG account. This way, new followers would start commenting and liking the new Instagram posts. 

Organize a contest or giveaway

A simple and fun way to make followers comment on your IG posts is by organizing a contest or giveaway. You can post something about promoting the IG contest and request users to participate in the contest through comments. As far as the time of the contest is concerned, you may host it for a week or so, where users will need to comment daily. 

Increase the number of comments by including user-generated content and request your followers to publish their pictures and mention or tag your business in that post. 

When it comes to contests or giveaways, all like to participate and win some prizes. You need not give away expensive gifts, but what matters the most is the participation of your followers to make them feel special and involved. 

Publish something surprising, humorous, or provoking

Do you know what makes an Instagram post viral? Studies indicate a couple of the most viral online moments led to high-stimulation feelings or emotions. Most of the posts were those that managed to build anticipation, astounded the audience, and triggered doubt and inquisitiveness. When emotions result in joy are common and therefore, focus on content that you can share on IG, making people emotional to such an extent that they feel like commenting on your post. 

You may also publish content that surprises people, brings about some happy feeling or moment, or for that matter, something intriguing. You can refer to various platforms to understand the many dynamics of Instagram likes and comments. 

You don’t have to always post pictures or videos related to your content. It could be any content that people like to see, enjoy, thus attracting more comments. 

You may also post some silly or funny video clips on April’s Fool Day. It could be about gorilla marketing that may garner much attention, anticipation, and an element of surprise. 

Let followers engage in the Instagram comments

One of the easier ways to attract more Instagram comments is just asking for the same. Think of IG content that people will share. You can ask a simple question to the users or tag their friends or colleagues in the IG comments. This is one of the best ways to communicate with your targeted audience, helping to garner an increased number of comments. 

You can ask simple questions related to your Instagram content. It could be, “What do you think?” or “Do you agree or disagree?” to make people respond and this way, you can garner more comments. 

Post stunning videos 

Studies show that people spending their time seeing videos increased to about 40 percent in the year 2016. Today, you can post IG videos of one-minute duration. Videos have more engagement levels provide its content is engaging to make followers stop scrolling through their IG feeds and start viewing your video. 

You need to make your videos intriguing enough so that people will like and comment on them. As far as social media is concerned, users like more video content, and therefore, you need to share something persuasive. Next, you need to ask users to comment on the video in the caption section of Instagram. Usually, people do comment provided your video content is awesome. 

Use images of people’s faces 

Selfies are a fun way to build engagement on Instagram. Even brands can use it to their benefit. Based on the findings of Yahoo Labs and the George Institute of Technology, IG posts that have human faces have 32 percent chances of garnering comments and 38 percent more likes. 

There is no hard and fast rule as to why selfies garner more comments or likes, but experts believe that faces help in triggering nonverbal communication that people react to, usually. Therefore, you can post IG content that features team outings, group photos, selfies, as well as candid images. All these things make your followers like the human side behind your brand. People like to see that there is a human face behind the business and just a logo or a tagline. 

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More likes and comments on Instagram posts mean more engagement. With increased engagement, likes or comments determine where your post will appear in the Instagram feed. Use these tips to ensure that you garner more comments on your posts in due course of time. 

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