Smart Tactics to Generate Google Reviews from Your Customers

We can evaluate the popularity of Google reviews by this data from a recent study that shows that around 63% of consumers say that they are likely to check reviews on Google alone before visiting a business. 

Meanwhile, many other platforms and websites allow users to read and write reviews about a business. Still, people avoid these platforms as often these websites/platforms turn out to be either spam or unreliable. And this is where Google reviews stand tall as being a trustworthy platform as it only allows genuine users to post comments. And therefore, Google holds 73% of all reviews posted online.

Considering the impact of Google reviews, many businesses are now looking for various strategies that can help them collect and encourage their customers to post reviews on the Google platform. As Google reviews help businesses to increase their market reputation and attain credibility.

This blog discusses various smart strategies that you can adopt to get Google reviews for your website. These tactics are easy to follow and help you in customer acquisition. 

How to Get More Google Reviews for Your Customer

Many businesses often have this misconception that asking for customer reviews is a tedious task and often does not provide needed results. But by adopting some smart strategies, you can easily generate more Google reviews for your customer and it’s beneficial for your business. These tactics are simple yet effective. 

1. Use Google Marketing Kit

To take care of the business around the globe, Google provides its own marketing kit. It just has simple eligibility criteria: Your business profile must be verified on Google. This kit lets you create, download and print personalized marketing materials that help you to convince your customers to leave a review after their purchase. 

Marketing materials include social posts, stickers, and various other content that promotes your businesses online and offline. Adding to it, you can customize each material according to the style of your brand. 

2. Utilize Google Review Link

In this era of cross-promotion marketing, you shouldn’t miss out on any chance of utilizing the power of this strategy. As we have witnessed the rise of various social media platforms, this strategy is turning out to be more worthy that provides great results.

Cross-promotion marketing refers to promoting your social media account on different platforms and mediums. 

You can copy the Google review link for your business and paste it on different platforms such as Facebook (which contains the highest number of users on social media landscape), Instagram (most popular social media platform since last few years) and more. 

Moreover, you can also provide your Google review link to your online receipts and handouts. But keep in mind that people often ignore long links and avoid reading long messages with them. So, keep your link short and your message concise and to the point. 

3. Use Emails 

Talking of spreading the Google review link, one should not underestimate the power of well-written and timed emails to the customers.

A customer always feels respected when a brand sends them personalized emails acknowledging them and their purchase.

Hence, utilize the potential of emails and send them to your customers. But keep in mind that you keep your emails short, authentic, and personalized, and don’t forget to add Google reviews links. It will save your customers’ time and make it easier for them to open the link and simply provide their feedback. 

If you find customized emails time-consuming and tiresome, you can use various tools from the market that help you in creating emails for your customers. These apps simplify the process and generate emails that are genuine and personalized email to your customers.

4. Use Google Review Widgets 

Bringing the cross-promotion marketing forward, you can even embed the Google review on your website. Various tools in the market provide the ease to embed Google review widget on your website.

You must be thinking how it will affect Google reviews or encourage customers to post reviews. It is simple that whenever a brand features customer reviews on its website, it generates a review cycle. As a result, people will get encouraged to post more reviews about your business to get featured on the website. 

Moreover, it enhances your brand reputation, as you appear transparent to your visitors who showcase the reviews of past customers. 

Social media aggregator tools ease your task of embedding and add charm to your website. Because people often post pictures with their reviews and visual content also provides liveliness to the content and as these contents will be visible on your website, it adds grace to your website.

5. Display Reviews on Your Website’s Landing Page

As mentioned in the previous section, embedded reviews can encourage your visitors and customers to write reviews of your business. Hence make sure that you provide good visibility to your widget. And what can be a better option than the landing page of your website?

If visitors regularly visit your page, make sure you make a dedicated landing page for your website. And on that landing page you display the reviews of your brand. It will help you in both ways, firstly the visitor will get to know about your brand and its market reputation and secondly, it will also encourage them to post more such reviews to get a feature on the website and feel respected.


More than 90% percent of the consumers have accepted that online reviews affect their buying decisions. And with Google holding the most position of the most prominent platform, it becomes important for the businesses to accumulate more reviews from customers. Although businesses often fail to extract reviews as they do not utilize various marketing techniques, the tactics mentioned above can help your business to encourage your users to attain more reviews. 

Author Bio:

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