Sites Like Craigslist

In the world where technology is advancing every day, we tend to search for ALMOST everything online. Consider it studies, shopping, buying or selling online. Everything is available on the internet.

Are you searching best sites like craigslist for adults, too?

With the lives, we are leading, everyone shops online. And once, that stuff is of no use they end up selling online. There are many platforms that lend you a helping hand. One such of them happens to be Craigslist.

There are endless things available on it. From getting cars, houses, jobs and lot are found on Craigslist. You will also find things that interest you personally like gigs as well as on the business level its discussion panel.

Best 15+ Sites Like Craigslist: Alternative Classifieds for Buying & Selling

However, with the excellent service it provides, Craigslist isn’t the only platform nowadays. There are many top Craigslist alternatives that will let you explore more and different offers to know.


One of the most favourite websites is eBay. It’s a website where you can not only shop but also buy the second hand or refurbished products. Basically, all the items arrive in courier service. Moreover, the items are available in bulk and can be easily found with the tabs given on the website. All you need is to search accordingly for your desired product. Similar to Craigslist, you cannot sell firearms on this website. This is the best site like craigslist to sell items and earn money, too.


Top on the list is Reddit, One of the best websites like craigslist for adults to get a woman or man for dates or casual encounters, on Reddit. Here is the subreddit for you can use.


Around 18.5 million users all over from the world, Recycler is better for those who live in big cities. In fact, it’s a great craigslist alternative for adults. It is used widely to buy and sell the products, cars, and pets, get houses on rent. You can also post your advertise on it and increase the sales of your product.


FindMaster follows the latest trends. It has updated the site according to your country. This means that one can view the products according to their locality. Browse through the categories and you might find the appropriate product. You can also post ads and find great deals right now.


The biggest competitor of Craigslist is Oodle. Similar to that of eBay it also helps you in purchasing and selling the products. What makes it stand apart is the fact that the user can connect to their Facebook account for the promotions and boost the sales, traffic.


Gumtree happens to be everyone’s favourite website in the UK. Also, most of the sellers are from either Australia or South Africa. There are different categories accessible for everyone. Gumtree is also gradually picking up in the USA. Motors, sales, properties, community, and pets – one destination to find everything. This is best Sites Like Craigslist to sell items in UK.


Search anything over hoobly and we ensure you that will get more benefit than the Craigslist. A lot of selling and buying happens every second. Guess the best part? It’s absolutely FREE to shop and post on the website. Without any sort of threat go ahead and try. It’s also a well-known free-choice for individuals where you can also sell or adopt pets. It is one of my favorite alternative to craigslist for adult items.


A brilliant alternative to Craigslist is Trovit. Generally, it is more famous in the USA, Canada and South Africa. One can easily search for home, cars, jobs and many more. Besides when you click on the particular category it will be redirected to a new page. There’s a premium plan for advertisements, else you can always opt for FREE. One of the best-classified site like craigslist for adults, too.


Many small sites like craigslist personals have quite a large number of active users. One of them happens to be Offerup. Almost 22 million applications are being downloaded of it. And you can also connect Facebook for promotions. What’s more interesting is the rating system which will help you to keep sales easy and of course scam free.


One doesn’t get fully satisfied with the images itself when buying. Essentially, a video recorded of the product will leave a lasting impression. Well, guess what on BackPage makes it possible for you to upload the video of your product for free. Wherever you are located, simply upload and hit the publish button.


Adoos is exactly like craigslist. But with little tech help, there are many features added. Like for instance, you can do the promotions all on your social media accounts. Furthermore, if you wish to buy a product contact directly from the seller. A little video clip is allowed to upload on Adoos.


Peerhub isn’t like a single website. It’s a combination of Craigslist and eBay. You can get the wonderful products from the local merchants and contact directly with them. Whether cash, PayPal, or credit card, opt any for a hassle-free experience. Moreover, the social media accounts of Peerhub will help in reviewing the products.

10 days ads

The name itself suggests that you get to post into ad into multiple locations for better traffic and customers. Trust us, there’s an array of categories to confuse you. Antiques, furniture, Art, dating and so much moreeeee. The user can upload the video of the product while posting an Ad and give a recommendation to each other.

Penny Saver the USA

Penny Saver is an exceptional best alternative to Craigslist in the USA. One thing that everyone needs to keep in mind is to sign up before getting hands on the services. Once you are completed with the process, you can buy and sell the products just like the above-mentioned websites.


Close5 is the closest competitor to Craigslist (pun intended). There are many categories to browse and select from them. The drawback of this website is there is nothing personal as in “too good” user interface. Perhaps the images are what win over the heart. Set the prize limit and you might be lucky enough to find your product.


Registration and access to the categories might be free in Locanto – the famous US based alternative to Craigslist. But, you definitely need to pay a little amount for your posts. One can keep the Ads up to 60 days. Once the deadline is over you can post again as well.

Now that we are wrapping up, here’s a free advice for you. We completely agree with you that these websites are profoundly useful. But when it comes to advertising online there are many precautions you need to understand.

  • Not everything you watch is totally as remarkable it looks.
  • Be aware of the frauds. Because they are LITERALLY EVERYWHERE.
  • What’s legal in your country might be illegal in other. So be careful.
  • Ensure that you have a secure transaction while buying or selling the product.

The above mentioned are the 15+ sites like Craigslist to sell items, try and let us know about your experience. Furthermore, if you happen to know more, do share other websites in the comment section.