Singapore has gained popularity in the past few years in terms of relocation. More and more people are moving to Singapore to look for a better lifestyle. According to many surveys, Singapore has ranked the fourth most popular country among expats. In addition, being a metropolitan city-state, Singapore encompasses diversity in culture and tradition. 

Moreover, it has been ranked as the top country in Asia according to global human resource consultancy in terms of the quality of life it offers to the people. Besides, it is also considered the happiest country in Southeast Asia. 

Read this article to know the reason behind the increasing popularity of this tiny island. 

Reasons behind the gaining popularity of Singapore

Strategic Location and Warm Climate 

The primary reason behind people moving to Singapore is its location in the continent of Asia. Its strategic location makes it near the most travel-friendly countries like Indonesia, Bali, Malaysia, and Vietnam. As an immigrant, it offers you the best opportunity to explore all these parts of Asia. Moreover, you get to enjoy 11 public holidays in Singapore every year, so you can enjoy this time traveling to these amazing countries. 

The geographical location of Singapore creates a tropical climate, meaning the temperature is somewhere in the 30 degrees Celsius range. All in all, there is hot and humid weather all year long. Thus it is great for people tired of living in a cold country. Furthermore, Singapore is a small island with a restricted land area that allows you to explore every part of it. 

Easy communication

People in Singapore majorly speak English, and it is the official language everywhere in the country, from schools to government organizations etc. Even if you are not acquainted with its official language Malay then, also you can communicate easily. This is one of the major reasons why people get along with things in Singapore easily. Movers Singapore will not face any difficulty in communicating with the people. 

Safest Country in the World 

Singapore has been ranked as the fourth safest country in the world, especially for women. This is because of the strict laws and order. The crime rate in Singapore is comparatively lesser than in any other part of the world. People feel safe while traveling on public transport, even at night. Due to high surveillance and strict punishment, people don’t dare to commit any crime in the country. Thus making it a great residential location for expats. People moving to Singapore get to enjoy the safest environment.

Political & Social Environment

Singapore has a stable political environment. Despite being authoritarian and centralized, the political environment of Singapore is practical, rational and entirely based on the rule of law. The government’s main aim is to provide a quality of living to the people. Thus the government takes decisions keeping in mind the well-being of people, even if it is hard to accept. The government in Singapore is proactive and makes decisions thinking about the future.

Economic Environment

Singapore has a corruption-free, competitive and open business environment. Singapore’s economy has seen significant growth in the past few years. Today, it has become a hub of research and development, banking and finance, a biomedical center and the best healthcare destination in Asia. The open trade system of Singapore offers world-class infrastructure, international communication and social stability. This attracts more and more multinational companies and foreign investors to set up their offices here, which offers great pay to the employees. Moreover, Singapore poses the lowest tax on income.

Socio-cultural Environment

Singapore is a multicultural country because it hosts people from different cultures worldwide. It is the perfect place to experience different cultures and traditions in one spot. You get to interact with people of different origins, cultures and countries. Every community is allowed to practice their tradition and maintain cultural richness in the country. Singapore’s society has become cosmopolitan because of the influx of immigrants and movers Singapore from around the world. People in Singapore are courteous towards each other, which ensures racial and communal harmony.  

World-class Healthcare facility

Despite being a densely populated country, Singapore offers the best medical facilities to all its citizens irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender, country and age. The healthcare system of Singapore is well-developed. It ensures upgrading it with technological advancements, the best doctors and healthcare professionals. Moreover, the hospitals and clinics in Singapore are clean, safe and efficient. Singapore follows a public-private partnership approach in managing the healthcare system, according to which private entities provide the facilities. Still, government entities determine the prices to ensure everyone can access healthcare services. Singapore as a country ensures a clean and green environment and also encourages people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

Best Schools & Education

Singapore emphasizes a lot on the education sector. It believes education equips people with the knowledge and necessary skills to survive in this competitive world. All the schools and colleges in Singapore maintain a high standard of teaching and learning. International competitions are organized to give global exposure to students. The country also hosts intentional schools and foreign system schools for expats. These schools are registered under the ministry of education and follow the same curriculum as their home country. You can take the help of a removal company in Singapore for the shifting process.

Excellent Public Services & Transportation

Singapore addresses the basic needs of people, which includes clean energy, water conservation, clean water, clean air, managing traffic congestion, good urban planning and a reliable energy supply. The Singapore government focuses on providing a clean environment to the people. Thus they make efforts to add greenery to every corner of the country. The public transportation in Singapore is well-developed, hassle-free and affordable. Thus movers in Singapore prefer to travel via public transport. The transport system is air-conditioned, keeping in mind the climatic condition of the country. The fare is fixed and is charged based on the distance covered. 

Recreational facilities 

Shopping and dining are two of the most common activities people in Singapore prefer to do. There are a lot of local markets and shopping malls to explore in Singapore. Singapore has a vibrant nightlife also, as it hosts a lot of bars and nightclubs. Another thing is the cinema which is quite popular among people. Art festivals, carnivals, cultural programs, music concerts, and plays are often organized to keep people entertained. However, these are seasonal and a bit expensive.

Natural Environment

Singapore’s strategic geographical location prevents it from most natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, landslides etc. However, rainfall is quite common here.


The real estate industry in Singapore is growing tremendously because of the increasing number of expats from around the world. Housing is divided into two categories in Singapore: Public HDB flats and private condos. You can experience the best luxury properties in Singapore. However, there are affordable ones also available. You can choose based on your budget, transportation, facilities and location. A removal company in Singapore can help you find a house for your family.

Job opportunities

Singapore is a hub of the IT sector and hospitality industry. There are many multinational companies, startups and commercial centers located in Singapore, making it the ideal place to explore a variety of job opportunities. Moreover, the pay scale in Singapore is comparatively high compared to other parts of Asia. No matter which industry you are from, you can get a job here in Singapore. Thus young corporates and graduates prefer to move to Singapore to explore various career opportunities and build a strong future. 

Quality of life

The standard of living is exceptionally lavish in Singapore. From hotels to clubs and hospitals, everything is quite expensive. However, it ensures that you get to enjoy the best quality of life in a clean, green and safe environment. 

Wrap up

If you want to explore the high standard of living and experience a variety of cultures, then Singapore is the ideal destination. It will offer you great job opportunities and the best quality of life you could ever think of. 

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