Safer Hand Soap

Millions of customers take a deliberate interest in the products they use on their skin and its health. Safer hand soaps are gentler on our skin since they are manufactured from natural materials rather than harsh chemicals or other irritants. 

Numerous studies have established that harmful substances may enter the circulation through the skin and do grave long-term harm. 

In reality, most traditional, over-the-counter “soaps” are compressed detergents devoid of any natural advantages. 

According to the FDA, the “alkali salts of fatty acids” must be the only component that causes the product’s cleansing activity to be classified as “soap.” The advantages multiply when you combine the soap with natural products like toner and serum.

Here are some great reasons to show you why it’s time to switch from chemical-based hand soaps to natural, toxin-free ones:

1. To Sooth Your Skin

Natural soaps are “real soaps,” according to the FDA, not detergents. Shea butter, various emollient oils, and natural ingredients like olive and coconut oil are combined to make handmade bar soaps. To add more advantages additives like oats, clays, or aloe vera may also be used to add more advantages. Natural exfoliators included in oatmeal and almond soap enrich the skin and positively affect health and aesthetics. 

Most harmful compounds found in over-the-counter soaps are either recognized carcinogens or hormone and endocrine disruptors. Parabens, SLS, and synthetic perfumes are the typical suspects to watch out for (and avoid!). Consider using an all-natural soap if you’ve had trouble locating one that won’t bother your skin.

2. Be Kind To The Environment

Soap detergents bring on algae blooms in natural bodies of water. For the fish and other aquatic life, this lowers the oxygen content of the water. As a result, other species that rely on fish for sustenance are put in danger, which has a snowball effect. The natural soap from EG Team has zero synthetic additives, scents, or colors and is created entirely from non-GMO, plant-based components.

Using natural soaps can help us lessen environmental impact and ensure that toxic chemicals don’t wind up in our water supplies. The same dangerous chemicals found in over-the-counter “soap” that injure our health are also seriously harming the Earth. 

The soap is considerably better for the environment than over-the-counter soaps since it is vegan and biodegradable. Even though these goods are widely available, you are helping to protect the environment by choosing not to use them.

3. Natural Fragrances

Small-scale natural bar soap manufacturers use essential oils like lemongrass and thyme. The end product is a soap bar that emits wonderful smells and healing properties. Natural fragrances are healthier than any fragrance found in commercial soap bars.

Essential oils like peppermint also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. You’ll smell fantastic and your kitchen or bathroom will have a spa-like atmosphere. Essential oil aromatherapy is a comprehensive technique to enhance physical and emotional well-being. 

Even fragrance oils made from natural ingredients are manufactured artificially and lack the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. The release of different neurochemicals from the brain by essential oils can impact one’s body, mind, and soul.

4. Maintain Skin pH Level

Our skin is shielded from pathogens and dangerous bacteria by a protective acid mantle with a pH. The acid mantle is a thin, slightly acidic coating on the skin’s surface that aids in maintaining the ideal quantity of good bacteria and flora. 

Although man-made soap’s pH is a crucial component of skin care products, it is not directly related to how harsh or gentle a certain item is. 

Most non-alkaline soaps contain sulfates and other synthetic surfactants, which remove natural oils from the skin by creating foamy molecules. An alkaline, all-natural soap prepared with nourishing oils and lye is the finest for maintaining a balanced pH.

5. Support Small Businesses

For us, environmental stewardship is not a trendy term. A significant factor in why we do what we do is our commitment to a kinder and gentler manner of living. Our items are made from recyclable and recycled materials and are lightly packed. 

Our packaging is more than 99% plastic-free, and the natural materials we use won’t pollute our ecosystems with synthetic chemicals.

Nearly two out of every three new jobs in the United States are created by small enterprises, which are the driving force behind economic development and employment creation in our nation. 

You are helping a small business that genuinely cares about and believes in the items it produces when you purchase a handcrafted bar of soap. Small enterprises are managed by individuals, not by investors or board directors.