Recreate Spectacular Rooftops

If you are living in a studio apartment with the spacious rooftop, you are blessed with umpteen options to design and decorate your space.

Incorporate a spa and stone bed and get a luxurious spa at home, or add some greens, a fireplace, outdoor furniture and think of having a candlelight dinner. String lights, fire bowls, outdoor furniture and you will have an amazing outdoor oasis ready on your rooftop; the options are endless.

If you are planning to create a luxurious, private space on the rooftop, here are some ideas that will help you:

Add Planters:

Planters can add a touch of class and a gleam element to any simple rooftop! So, if you have a huge space on the roof, or you simply want to get the feeling of the real – garden, maximize green in the space. Grow small shrubs for the walls or incorporate bamboos and grasses, the choice is yours.  You can also use small containers or window packed boxes to create a focal point. Also, restrict to a specific color planting for an aesthetically pleasing rooftop.

Add Some Shade:

No matter where your rooftop is, be it at the fourth story or fortieth -story, it is going to be hot. So, cover it with an umbrella or use a canopy stand to beat the heat. You can also look for the best cantilever umbrella to enjoy under the sun.

How About The Pool:

A pool terrace will make a perfect place to enjoy hot summer evenings. Include small concrete tubs, add some lights around it and create an attractive space to relish your me-time. Subtle light bulbs and greenery can also create a magical ambiance on the rooftop.

A Rooftop Bar:

Abandon the usual cafe seating and incorporate bars on the rooftop! Include small tables or couches and relax there while gulping wine with your friends. If you don’t want to use the entire space, pick a corner on the rooftop and make a small bar. Open bars will also look amazing; to bring some bottles and enjoy with your friends.

Rusticity Is Fun:

Simplicity and rusticity are the attraction of most gardens, so design the space with minimal things. Create a rustic appeal of being in the garden by incorporating wooden furniture, light colors and some green. Also, bring the furniture that coordinates with the floor and overall appeal of the space.

Rooftop Kitchens:

While you might not have space for barbecuing in the backyard, you can use the rooftop as a worthy substitute. Bring some grills and other scouts and relish hot, steaming food. Don’t forget to add an outdoor dining table for enjoying summer parties. If you have a huge space, you can try contemporary kitchen ideas for live cooking. Just some additions and you will have your rooftop treat ready.

Make A Bedroom For The Guests:

If you want to have an extra bedroom in your space, but don’t have enough space in the house, think of using the rooftop for the same. Bring-in comfortable pieces like a bed, cushions and arrange them efficiently.

Use wooden floor or metal designs to create uniqueness in the space.

Do Lighting:

If you have lots of planter and green on the rooftop, make sure it should be well lighted.  Highlight the bright spots by using glowing bulbs and incorporate table lamps, wall hangings, stair lights for other areas. Use small bulbs to create more subtle look during the dusk.

Use Colors With A Theme:

Pick rooftop hues smartly; mix and match bright ones with the soft color or make use of monochromes to create an appealing look. If you are using two tones, always choose one color as an accent color.

Using individual color for walls, furniture, railings, and containers will make the space look cluttered and packed. So, always try combination of different tones. You can coordinate hues like gray, whites and blue to accentuate the look.

Make every nook count:

Utilize every nook to add more space to the rooftop. Use corners for hanging lights and small nooks for placing pots and more.

Be it a small gathering or just-you and your family; rooftops are one of the best spaces to savor everything. Get the best out of them and create memories of togetherness for a lifetime!