Trade Show Rentals

Whether to rent or buy a display booth depends on a variety of factors. If it is your first time out attending trade shows it is better to rent a display booth. You can then observe the impact exhibitions have on your start-up business. Reasons may vary, but we choose to rent because of either budgetary implications or situational implications, both of which point towards renting over buying as the best option.

Tradeshows display designs continue to evolve, and rental designs must not necessarily be generic for all and sundry. You can still use rental displays to announce your authority, incorporating the latest designs and technology at relatively affordable costs.

#1. Experimental and Flexibility

Before owning a permanent booth, you must experiment with a variety of designs and concepts and settle on the most effective one. Having a rental display booth accords you this luxury of flexibility when moving from one custom design to another without having to break the bank each time. With renting you get the feel of setting up and tearing down a display which is like taking your booth for a test drive before you settle for a permanent booth design.

#2. Versatile

Trade show display rentals are extremely adaptable to different exhibitions and can be fabricated to suit each marketing event with regards to theme and brand modifications. Custom rental exhibit stands are also designed to meet specific marketing goals and offer modular displays that are relatively simple to assemble and disassemble.

#3. Booked in two or more trade show events

Sometimes important dates clash, and there is no way to avoid them. You should not be forced to choose one event over the other. You can easily rent a display booth, attend both events, save on costs, and achieve the desired marketing objectives from each trade show. In other situations, it is logistically impossible to move from one trade show to another that are miles apart and renting becomes the simple solution for this jam.

#4. Save on costs

Depending on the number of exhibition events you attend in a year, renting is quite cost-effective if you only have to attend a few of these exhibitions per year. Until you plan to attend trade exhibitions regularly as part of your marketing strategy, renting display booths will save you on expenses incurred as opposed to buying a new display booth.

#5. Additional Accessories

If you were just to buy a display booth, you would miss out on add-ons that come with renting a display booth. An exhibition stand should not be limited but rather extensive to include

  • Banners
  • Workstations
  • Counters
  • Shelves
  • Tables, etc.

Bottom-line is that rental of display booths allows you the freedom to customize every time to fit your brand voice. Renting makes smart sense over ownership when you do not plan to attend exhibitions regularly. And because you should always consider the space allocated, adjustments are easy to make when you are using a rental display booth.