Reasons Why You Should be More Charitable

If you were to take a look in the mirror and try to find your weaknesses, what is that you would like to improve? Would it be something physical? A character flaw that you’d like to fix? Or perhaps you would like to be more intelligent. For many people around the World, the answer is a wish to help others more.

One of my least favorite sayings that I have heard during my years is that ‘charity starts at home’, the reason this bothers me so much is that your home should always be a place of love where you help one another and it is usually saying that is mentioned by people who don’t actually want to help others. Unfortunately, there are plights which affect the World that we all need to help with and here are just a few reasons why you ought to be more charitable.

Charities Rely On Help

There are charities doing great work all over the World of mega charities like Oxfam helping to end poverty to religious charities like  SCOAN (Synagogue Church of All Nations) who do great work for disaster relief victims.

You don’t have to be actively helping out if you feel as though you don’t have time, but you could contribute money by way of donations to help organizations like these to help those in need.

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It is Rewarding

Being charitable is not only rewarding for the people or animals that you are helping out, it can also be very personally rewarding and leave you with a great sense of pride.

Doing something good for others or seeing how your acts can help people should bring you great happiness and people seeing you doing something for the good of others can feel inspired.

The World is one big community and because of this we should all be doing our bit to help each other out.

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It Makes the World Brighter

Charity acts like a domino effect and once you offer charity to someone they are far more likely to do the same for someone else. This chain reaction helps to create a far brighter and more prosperous future for us all.

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So many people are born into lives which they did not choose and which sees them suffering on a daily basis through no fault of their own, if you won the geographical lottery and are in a place where your quality of life is better than someone else, you have the power to make someone else genuinely happy through your assistance.

Nothing will happen if you decide not to be charitable, some ay try to make you feel guilty perhaps but the truth is that you do not have an obligation to help others. Despite this, if you have the power and the ability to help change the life of someone else, help to save the planet or aid in the rescue of an endangered species, then why not do it.