Considering all the benefits that VoIP has to offer any business, never mind startups, it is surprising that only about one-third of businesses make use of it as a communication system. This is more than likely because they are unaware of all the benefits VoIP has that a traditional phone system doesn’t. Here are 5 reasons startups, in particular, should be using VoIP.

VoIP Saves you Money

An Internet connection is far cheaper than a dedicated phone line for making calls because the only cost is your Internet connection. You are not paying per call and it does not matter where you are calling. A call to another continent is not going to cost you any more than a call to your neighbour. You can save 90% on an international call by using VoIP instead.

Conference Calls are Clear

Hosting a conference calls with VoIP is an absolute pleasure. Basic telephonic conference call packages are generally of poor quality and don’t have the same clarity as conference calls made using VoIP. When you’re a startup it is essential that you give a flawless first impression and by being able to host crystal-clear conference calls you’ll be doing just that.

Stats give you a Competitive Edge

VoIP technology enables you to view and log all call activity. You can monitor usage, track customer communication and get all the information you need to improve your efficiency and provide service that will give you a competitive edge.

Improves Productivity

VoIP saves you time which will free you up to be more productive. You can receive voice messages as emails instead of having to check your voicemail and forward messages to colleagues. You can use VoIP on your smartphone wherever you are and not be bound to a traditional phone in your office. Along with all the features like call forwarding, out of office and call , you’ll be able to handle an increase in calls to your start-up and still get on with your work.

Minimal Phone Installation Costs

It is expensive installing a traditional phone line and installation can cost you anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the size you need your phone system to be. VoIP offers a more affordable and more easily scalable system that can grow as your startup does. The biggest expense is the VoIP phone which will cost anything between £7.99 and £100 per month. They can be a bit more depending on the features you require. The software needed to operate them is essentially free because VoIP systems are compatible with services like Skype and Zoom.

Gives an Impression of Professionalism

A fledgeling startup with a flexible VoIP phone system can look more established and larger than it is as well as improve its overall efficiency. Features like auto-attendant or hunting groups give a sense of reliability and trust and make sure that prospective investors and customers can always contact you or one of your team. VoIP systems ensure continuity of communications and have a positive impact on the overall brand image of a startup.

Vital for Virtual Startups

Many startups today are completely virtual. You can have a team that consists of people from several different timezones. If you have a VoIP phone system you and your team can receive and make calls from any location in any part of the world. The directors of a startup will find this particularly useful because they don’t have to be desk-bound and will be contactable on the business phone no matter where they are. The same is true of employees. Essentially the entire team can be united under one business number, complete with their own extensions whether they’re at the office or at the grocery store, or in London or Hong Kong.

Easy to modify

Startups can often expand quite suddenly. As they grow their telecommunication needs will also grow and, as the business evolves it will need different features at various stages. VoIP systems are extremely flexible. You can add or remove users, activate and deactivate additional functionality, manage extensions and create call groups at the click of a few buttons.

VoIP is vital for startups because they provide the tools needed for a startup to have the same levels of professionalism as a large corporation. And, in addition to helping startups make a good impression on potential customers, VoIP saves them time and money and boosts productivity. All the things a startup needs to be successful.