As the nation is overwhelmed by the frenzy of Avengers and Game of Thrones, our TV screens are full of Supervillains and evil characters utilising their power for bad. Although a lot of these shows are usually set in historic lands or fantasy cities, it got us thinking, if these characters were part of everyday life, what cars would they drive? Would they go with a normal road car similar to us, or stand out from the crowd with a supercar we could only dream of?

It would definitely need to mimic their personality in the design. You couldn’t imagine someone like Thanos driving a sleek, stylish sports car, or Lex Luthor in a van, so the ergonomics of the car is important. It would also need to host the variety of weapons these villains have. As we were thinking about it, we stumbled upon the #VillainCars campaign from Chill Insurance, where they have mocked up 8 different cars perfect for Supervillains, and we were excited to find out Game of Thrones and Avengers were featured in there.

Cersei LannisterSo what car would Cersei Lannister have? Well, she’s ambitious that’s for sure, so would need a brand of car that’s also ambitious, but also represent the wealth she has. The Aston Martin DB11 is perfect for this, as it’s a brand that has withstood the test of time and still at the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to luxury brands, just like the Lannisters. The colour they have given is the famous House Lannister red and features the branding we would expect. There’s no denying this is a match!

ThanosMoving on to Avengers, it’s the big, bulky and powerful Hummer vehicle for Thanos and we couldn’t agree more! As you can see from the design above, it features the famous purple and gold we associate with him, which has come in the form of grill, rims and roof. It also features all six infinity stones from the Avengers, which are placed above the main window. These are such a big part of Thanos’ character so it is great to see them included on there.

Darth Vader

Our other favourite car from the campaign is the one they have given Darth Vader, as it was the exact same brand we thought too. Obviously it has to be an all-black Range Rover! They’ve pimped it up though, to feature a slight dash of red to represent the red of a lightsabre, and have included his hood on top of the car. Who else thinks this would look great with white Range Rovers to represent the Stormtroopers? Darth Vader is a mysterious villain, so his car definitely has to be mysterious too, that’s why there is black out windows to keep his identity secretive in the Galactic Empire.

Which one is your favourite? You can see more #VillainCars here too!