How To Tow Safely

Towing safely is a very smart thing to learn how to do because you need to be sure that your vehicle can be towed right, you can tow another vehicle in the right way, and you know all the safety procedures that are needed to get your car or trailer where it needs to go.  Use the steps listed below to get the right results, make sure that you always go over all your safety protocols before you make the trip that you need to make.

#1. Hire An Expert

You can hire an expert truck towing company if you think that is a good first step for you.  In most cases, the experts can do a lot for you because they know better than anyone how to hitch the vehicle that needs to be towed.  Also, you need to remember that most people who are trying to get good results need to have a powerful vehicle tow for them. When this is the case, you need to ask the company to send the right truck for your towing needs.

#2. Hitch The Proper Spot

A lot of cars have a hitching spot, but some do not.  If you have a hitching spot, you need to be aware of how to access it so that the car will be towed from a safe place.  When you cannot tow from a hitching spot, you need to hitch to a part of the car that is a part of the frame. You can go for the crossbar that is just under the bumper and the fender.  You might also go for one of the sections that is by the wheel well because this is a part of the frame. When you have done this correctly, you can tow the car anywhere without damaging the body.

#3. Put The Car In Neutral

You need to put the car in neutral so that it will pull along on its own when you are attached to the tow truck.  Neutral is easy to get your car into even when it is not running, and you need to be sure that you have figured out how to get the car into neutral if you have no electrics.  You can usually press the brake, shift, and leave the car in this gear when needed.

#4. Ask For A Flatbed

You need to get a flatbed that is going to help you tow a car when it cannot be run on the road.  Because of this, you need to be sure that you have a flatbed that is easy to access. Also, you need to make certain that you have read the owner’s manual because you should not tow any vehicle with an electric motor.  You could end up running the motor without any power, and that could ruin the motor.

Each towing job that you do can be done using all the tips that are listed above.  You will find that it is much easier when you are using the right procedures, you know the car, and you can an expert.