Proven Ways to Increase Your Google Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a challenge for every webmaster. Some SEO experts promise is a challenge for every webmaster. Some SEO experts promise to boost your site’s search ranking via shortcuts and tricks – but the reality is that. SEO is a long term process. In other words, it takes time to meaningfully improve one’s rank position.

The good news is, with patience and strategy, you can certainly improve your position on the search engine results page (SERP). In this blog, we cover a total of five proven ways through which you can increase your Google rankings.

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#1. Architecture and Navigation – 

The first proven way to increase your ranking is by improving your site  architecture and navigation. Even the best SEO campaigns can fail if it is difficult for users to navigate through your site.

Now that Google’s algorithm is mobile-first, an essential step to SEO success is enhancing your mobile website for maximum engagement. Key metrics that indicate user engagement are total site visits, time on site, bounce rate, and pages per session.

It’s pretty simple:, If users enjoy your site, find it easy to navigate, and are able to discover useful information, then you will get more visitors and improve your search ranking.

#2. Content and SEO services

One of the best ways to increase traffic is by writing high-quality content. Remember, content is king. That means an excellent content strategy will be your most impactful SEO tactic.

Your content should always have zero errors, keywords that match user intent, and a style that appeals to your target audience. , Another crucial thing to add is links to both internal and external pages.

If there’s duplicate content, you must remove it as it can hurt your search ranking. In addition, you should make every effort to improve how search engines “read” and analyze your content. These on-page optimization steps are particularly important:

  • Add structured data tokey page content like addresses and phone numbers.
  • Create unique and attractive page titles.
  • Write engaging meta descriptions.

#3. Backlinks and Broken Links

Another proven SEO tactic is getting  backlinks from other sites to your pages. Sites with high domain authority are the best for backlink purposes, as they can “pass” this authority to your domain. The more links from high-authority pages you have, the better.

As much as backlinks can help increase your ranking, broken links will diminish both the user experience and your SERP position.

Rely on tools like Broken Link Checker to find any broken links.

#4. Optimizing Everything

Optimize your site by going beyond the basics of strong content and high-quality links. You should aim to optimize your  images, page load speed, local business profiles, and voice positioning.

Google needs help in identifying images. Therefore, ensure that all of your images are well compressed, have alt text, and descriptive file names.

To optimize for speed,monitor your site performance on both desktop and mobile. Try using the GooglePageSpeed tool for insights into how your page load speed can be improved.

People often search for businesses “near me”. To boost your ranking in these searches, claim your Google My Business listing and offer relevant content to local search users. You should also aim to get more reviews and get listed in relevant local directories.

Lastly, optimize for voice search by including commonly searched phrases in your page content. Keywords still matter, but content written in natural language is likely to rank higher in voice search.

#5. Avoid Spamming

There are many spamming tricks and techniques on the internet that promise better Google rankings. But, these schemes can end up actually hurting your search position.

Google has gotten very good at detecting black-hat SEO tactics and will penalize sites that use them. Instead, always go for high-quality SEO services and take a long view of your SEO investments. Better rankings don’t happen overnight.

These five proven ways to increase your search ranking demand. a consistent amount of work – and just as importantly, time. Try them out and we promise that you shall see a change in your rankings.

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