Enamel Pin

Branding is an important strategy to grow your business. In this highly competitive and innovative marketplace, you need to be able to make sure that customers will remember you, and that many people would recognize your company and products. The most effective means to this had always been engaging in promotional events, and giving out souvenirs or items with your logo and brand in it. In this way, potential customers can easily know what it is that you are selling or offering by way of services. For a start-up company or for someone who is just beginning to build a customer base you need an item that is functional, recognizable and is not as expensive to invest on. The answer to this are custom enamel pins. Enamel pins had been around for a long time, and although it may not be as popular as it used to be, the advances in technology and materials have made it possible to create custom enamel pins in a wide array of designs and colors using soft to hard enamels. It is cheaper than having to give away mugs or bags, but it is more memorable than a sticker or a bookmark, thus, it meets functionality with price.

What Are Custom Enamel Pins? 

Custom enamel pins are the usual pins that you can put on any shirt or jacket that has cute and colorful designs. Most of those who order it use it as a give-away or souvenir for homecomings, state fairs, even holidays, and parties. On the other hand, it can also be a great promotional tool, in that you can have your business logo and or name printed in the pin and have the pins be given in conventions or as gifts to customers. Nowadays, custom enamel pin manufacturers are able to design, print and assemble enamel pins of every size, shape, color, design and kind of enamel. Thus, the possibilities are endless, you can actually order any design that you already have, or even ask the company to design one for you free of charge. Enamel pins can also come in different materials, ranging from soft enamels to the hard ones. The difference of which is that soft enamels are cheaper but the print is on a special kind of plastic which is laid over the enamel while a hard enamel pin is where the design is actually printed in the enamel and will provide a seamless finish to the pin. Depending on your purpose and budget, companies can work with whatever specification you have. And since it is lightweight, it does not break or fall apart and is quite easy to ship, there is not much danger during transport or shipping of the pins.

How To Order Custom Enamel Pins? 

Custom enamel pins can be ordered from manufacturers who have online stores. Most businesses have made their products available only in the online market, since it is much cost-effective to pay for a website rather than pay for monthly rent when you have a physical store. You can transact business and orders efficiently using online platforms and cellular phones and eliminates the need for too many personnel in a store. Thus, look for an online provider for custom enamel pins and order from them. There are a number of things you should remember when ordering custom enamel pins online.

  • Have your pin design ready and on-hand before ordering. If you are going to use the pins for branding or promoting your company, then you can use your own logo or brand name. On the other hand, if the pin is going to be used to commemorate an event or introduce a new product, then you can have your own design or even ask the manufacturer to design one for you. Either way, if you want to order custom enamel pins, make sure that you already have a design or that you are open to having them design it for you, this will save you time and effort.
  • Decide on the specific material that you want. Custom enamel pins can be made from soft and hard enamels, and can be printed in varying plastic or films which will have an effect on the over-all appearance of your finished product. But each material will also mean varying costs, you can get beautiful pins for lesser costs if you order soft enamels and a more outstanding pin if you use hard enamel at a higher cost. The decision is entirely up to you and this should depend mainly on your own budget and what you are willing to spend for the branding and promotion of your business. This would also mean researching ahead on your own the differences between soft and hard enamels and deciding which one will work for you.
  • Identify a price range or price limit you are willing to spend for each pin. When you order a custom enamel pin, the price would really depend on the intricacies of the design and the number of pins you are going to order. Most sellers have a minimum order which is between fifty to a hundred pins, but usually, the more pins you order the lesser it would cost individually. For example, some sellers charge an additional amount for each pin that is less than the minimum number of orders. In terms of price range, try to compare the prices for different materials so you would know how much the difference is and this can help you decide on which price you are willing to pay for.
  • Avoid rush orders. If you want to order custom enamel pins, know that it takes from three to four weeks to complete the order and have it delivered to you, hence you need to determine when you are going to use it, for what event and then order early. If the pins will be for the Christmas holidays then you should place your order as early as October. Although most shops accept rush orders, you will be charged an extra fee for it being a rush job and this will unnecessarily increase your costs.