Pick These 5 Round Frame Glasses

Having artistic inclinations often defines many things in our life apart from our hobbies and careers. The ‘artsy vibe’ is one that got its name from all the stereotypical elements and accessories one might associate with someone who is an artist. Unconventional fashion choices, bold silhouettes, mixed and matched hues, textured jewellery and curated closets are some of the most familiar elements one might come across when meeting an artist. The reason behind such a stand-out approach to fashion and apparel is always born from looking at things differently than the average person.

When it comes to décor or fashion, the ‘artsy vibes’ are always built from the blueprint of boho-chic aesthetics, some vintage touches; punctuated with an old-world charm. One of the foremost things that people think of when they remember the 60s or 70s fashion is the quintessential round frame glasses that were donned by rockstars and painters alike. The round frame glasses were the most trending design amongst the creative crowd since it was a departure from the conventional clubmasters or aviators that were popular at the time. Hence, if you want to embrace your artsy vibes as well, here are some options in round frame glasses that you can try out. 

The Classic Rounds

Round frame glasses and their inception is rooted in this classic design which was the recognisable silhouette you would find in vintage collections across the millennia. These glasses have the incredible quality to completely transform your facial symmetry and add a charming aura to your erstwhile artsy vibes. Round glasses like these can become your daily wear accessory which becomes your signature look. That is why investing in these glasses can be a great choice for your look for casual days and for days spent ideating and creating. 

Bold Brow Lines

The defining feature of any round specs is the frames which make it stand out from the rest. In these round frame glasses, the arms taper out to the temple tips to give it a classic yet aerodynamic look. The brown hue fits with every face shape and skin tone and can be an alternative for those who may be averse to the boldness of black round glasses and want to invest in something more subtle.

Regal Rimmed

The best part about these round frame glasses is their dual-toned finish which makes it versatile for every occasion and season. One may associate most round specs with blocky or wired frames, but these round glasses are a combination of the semi-rimmed style and round lenses. The blue and gold give these round frame glasses a royal touch, whereas the looped hinge at the end of the frame is a special detail sure to strike the fancy of every onlooker.

Brown Lightweights

The brown hue of round frame glasses is usually one that is relegated to the vintage aesthetic, but these round specs have become a staple buy for those looking to play up their artsy image wherever they go. A lighter version when compared to their thick-framed counterparts, these round frame glasses in brown are the best choice for those who look for light and durable designs in their eyewear. It also goes perfectly with the rockstar, poet or designer look; for every season.

The Beachy Blues

While most designs in round frame glasses are in classic blacks and browns with occasional breaks for colour, this piece is one that is bound to become the talk of the room as soon as you walk in. These glasses are the epitome of an artistic spirit finding form in a pair of blue, gradient glasses. The two hues of blue melt into one another for an almost aquatic vibe, which adds a playful and youthful touch to your look. 

Buying unconventional glasses can be a process replete with trial and error, but when you have the right collections at your disposal, it becomes much easier. That is why you should head over to trusted brands like Titan Eyeplus and their curated collections of unique round frame glasses and make a choice of your liking, all from the comfort of your home.