Otherworldly Phenomena and Places You Must Add to Your Bucket List

Almost every person has an ultimate list of things they wish to experience around the world. From enjoying delicious cuisines on the streets of Singapore to watching opera in Vienna – people crave new experiences nowadays. After all, the world is our oyster, waiting to get explored. You can swim with dolphins, go bungee jumping, or ride the fastest rollercoaster. 

Similarly, nature enthusiasts can visit the exotic waterfalls, lakes, forests, islands, and swing at the edge of a mountain. These breathtaking locations are the ultimate trip destinations for every traveler. In addition to exotic views, you can plan an ambitious hike and hot air balloon rides to make the most out of beautiful landscapes. If you are planning to travel anytime soon, ensure to explore the most exotic travel destinations. 

Here we are listing seven otherworldly phenomena and places that you must add to your bucket list. 

Smoky Mountains, United States 

Lately, the Smoky Mountains have become every traveler’s favorite destination. It has over 800 miles of breathtaking hiking trails in the national park, which means you can see the mountains up close. Besides the scenic drives and spectacular views, Smokies have gorgeous waterfalls. Ramsey Cascades is the tallest waterfall in the area, ranging 100 feet. Visitors can tour the waterfall, go swimming, or have a picnic beside a creek.  

Apart from this, Smokies has the most relaxing hotels and resorts. People looking for a comfortable and romantic retreat can book Gatlinburg chalets to enjoy scenic views from their rooms. Moreover, you can take a ride on an alpine coaster if you are up for some adventure. It would take you through the peaks of the mountains while allowing you to adjust the speed. Thus, you can choose to take a leisurely ride down the mountains or a thrilling journey at high speed.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe 

Truthfully, Victoria Falls is one of the most fantastic attractions in all of Africa. It has a height of 354 feet and covers an area of more than 5604 feet, creating huge flows and massive drops. You can cruise along the Upper Zambezi River and catch sight of wildlife once the sun goes down. You can go kayaking, rafting, or take a scenic helicopter ride if you have the budget for further exploration.

Besides this, tourists can opt for a Chobe Day trip to Victoria Falls. You can get a chance to explore wildlife, gorge swing, and fly fox. You can also take a canopy tour as it offers breathtaking views of Zambezi rapids. In addition, you can enjoy a zipline ride between the waterfall and encounter the thundering Victoria Falls. 

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia 

Walks suspended over turquoise water and stunning viewpoints, Plitvice Lake is a gift from nature. Around every bend, you will find another beautiful view since it interconnects 16 lakes of different colors. Hence, brace yourself to take a lot of photos. Moreover, the lake has four hiking trails, seven routes through the park, and a couple of entrances. Each of the routes offers a different experience, taking tourists to unique spots and locations. For instance, the first one will take you through the Kozjak Bridge, where you will see Veliki Slap and different waterfalls around the lake. 

Antelope Canyon, Arizona 

Undeniably, Antelope Canyon is the most photographed location in the Southwest because of its natural desert beauty. The place has two unique slot canyons, popularly known as the Upper and Lower Antelope. Both canyons were formed because of water erosion over many years, now smooth sandstones of irregular shapes. 

The Upper Antelope is more convenient since visitors walk on flat ground. However, the Lower Antelope is a bit narrow since the canyon is below ground. You will have to climb several ladders; meaning, the tour demands physical effort. The best time to visit Antelope Canyon is from 11:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. because the sun is highest at this time. Hence, you would see how sunbeams reflect off the rocky walls and accentuate the colors. 

Havasupai Falls, Arizona 

Havasupai Falls is another attraction that captures tourists’ interest. The waterfall has a bright blue-green color that runs through different villages and falls into the Colorado River. However, you can’t drive to this spot; instead, you have to hike for roughly 10-miles. It would begin on the Southern rim of Grand Canyon, taking you to the village of Supai to the beginning of the waterfall. Here, you will witness one main chute that drops over a 90-feet cliff into different pools. The exotic views of Havasupai Falls make them look unreal, something every person should see once in a lifetime. 

Amazon Rainforest 

Many people think of visiting a rainforest but aren’t sure about the idea. Well, rainforests offer opportunities for adventure, wildlife, fishing, and loads of fun. The Amazon rainforest accounts for almost half of the remaining forests globally, unfolding countless exploration opportunities. It is home to around 2.5 million insects, birds, plants, and mammals, giving an extraordinary wildlife experience. 

Furthermore, more than 3,000 types of fruits grow in the rainforest, and they all taste delicious. You will also get a chance to travel in little motorized canoes, cargo ships, and speed boats. Lastly, you will witness the most magnificent sunsets. After all, there isn’t anything more beautiful than seeing the sunset on the Amazon River. You would see the sun’s reflection on the water and greens of forests changing color as the sun disappears. 

Cascada Tamul, Mexico 

In the region of San Luis Potosi, you will find plenty of waterfalls with transparent water. Amongst all, Cascada Tamul is a magical place – a 300-feet long waterfall that is a treat for the eyes. From Valles Center, it takes almost an hour to drive to the beginning of waterfall Tamul. In addition to cherishing the magnificent views, you can hike through the woods. It would approximately take 30 minutes to reach a closer spot where the sound of running water will get louder. Here, you will catch sight of an extraordinary view that is hard to explain in words. 

Final Thoughts

These days, people crave new experiences and wish to explore the world. Well, nothing beats a gorgeous valley, exotic mountains, and secluded waterfalls. The wonders of nature make for a relaxing trip where people can recline and cherish the beauty. You can take waterfall tours, climb up the mountains, go white-water river rafting, or explore deserted canyons. Each offers memorable experiences; hence, don’t forget to add them to your bucket list.