Along with other Nazi concentration Camps, Stutthof is one of the infamous landmarks established by Nazi Germany in Poland. Over 60,000 people were killed in Stutthof concentration camp during just 6 years of staying operational – That’s almost 30 people every. Single. Day.

Even though the camp is definitely dark and gruesome, it’s an important historical monument, preserved to honor the memory and suffering of those lost to the extreme Nazi cruelty. If you’re willing to give the Stutthof Concentration Camp Tour a try, here’s what to expect:

What’s there to experience at Stutthof Concentration Camp?

Full of morosity and gloomy aura, the concentration camp is an absolutely eerie place. Stutthof was the first concentration camp established by Nazis outside of their borders, and was also the last one to be discovered. Stutthof concentration camp was a well-kept secret, secluded and hidden from the local population. Places like Auschwitz-Birkenau were large and high-profile – people were meant to know about them, to remind them what would happen to them if they dared defy their new ruler.

Stutthof, instead, was hidden among trees in a rural area, kept secret from those who lived in the villages nearby. It housed a variety of prisoners from many different nations – mostly Polish, Latvian, and Lithuanian higher-ups, guerilla fighters, as well as Jews from all around Europe.

Visit the Stutthof Museum on the Stutthof Concentration Camp Tour

The concentration camp museum, located on the premises of the camp itself, houses most of what was left from the camp after the war. After the Red Army liberated the Stutthof concentration camp in 1945, the place quickly fell into ruin because of harsh weather, lack of maintenance, and looters. As the war ended, the camp was first turned into a tourist hotel (which, admittedly, wasn’t very popular for obvious reasons), and then into a museum in 1961.

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