In our communications, we all enjoy having emojis and icons, don’t we?

Honestly, it brings a flat discussion to the next stage. And what could be cooler than using emoji? Of course, the well funnier version GIFs!

Currently, GIFs are really the favorite. If it’s either social networking or email sites, people have already begun posting GIF photos to express their feelings rather than emojis. In fact, several of them even have designed-in features, like Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram, which allow you to share quickly.

Not all channels, however, provide native GIF content, and this is where GIF keyboards appear in the image. There are super useful GIF keyboards. Additionally, they even let you immediately submit GIFs without trying to change applications. And in case you are looking for some cool GIF-supported keyboards, you’ve arrived at the right spot. We’ll take a glance at some cool GIF Keyboards for Smartphones in 2020 below in the article as you read it ahead.


This is the perfect GIF keyboard application for Android users and it is a fairer way of answering and helps you to type movements. Along with autocorrect features, this application has an AI driven predictor, which ultimately will greatly boost your typing performance.

This software has DIY templates, 4D themes, images and gifs that will customise your keyboards and bring joy to your typing every day. This application will help you collect cash as well. Get this version and enjoy the funniest conversations!


This application is primarily for the iPhone users and comes among the Best GIFs application with it’s a completely personalized keyboard. This keyboard can match the style of any individual since it includes swipe entry form functionality with precise estimate. There are more than 50 styles in this app, where you can choose your icon as a template, too.

This software has a range of impressive fonts to view on the keyboard while has an innovative auto-correct technology. This application will display you the keyboard, creative emojis, and automatic emojis with gifs as you write. Get this application now and keep the talk customised!


This application is fantastic as well and can bring depth to your talk with its functions. This software lets you scan for thousands of baritone gifs and clips to discover the right one that suits your instance beautifully and lets you submit the gifs that complement precisely what you wish to say straight from your screen to your voice.


This is certainly one among the list’s really crazy sounding keyboards. This particular keyboard is referred for its distinctive interface alongside the fun gif and emojis service. The convenient way gives you enough room to go through long discussions on the display. To find out what you’ve been trying to text, Minuum utilises vigorous data science and auto-corrector features and reacts to that. Although Minuum has a slight learning angle, it’s a good keyboard nevertheless.


Ai Style Keyboard includes a lot of emoji updates and styles that can be downloaded from your respective Play Store. It consists of the new Android emojis as well. This would be yet another application for your auto-corrector and spell check with heavy AI artificial intelligence. The Keyboard knows the style you text and makes recommendations accordingly.


The funniest keyboard from the whole lot seems to be the Ginger Keyboard. And how come you’re not yet aware? Besides adding fun gifs and emojis, it also appears with a collection of pre-loaded matches. You will find games including Snake Classic, 1024, Puzzle Sliding with a lot more. You also are allowed to select a theme from a huge library of themes, so design choices are also outstanding.


This application is Android users best GIF keyboard application that will create your texting experience more fun loving more exciting, quick and precise. In addition to spruce up your typing, this keyboard software provides upwards of 1000 keyboard styles and also provides over 1000 emoji styles of fonts to render your message font better.

  1.     IKEYBOARD

Have you been planning to stay out of reach of an extremely engaging  keyboard app called ‘iKeyboard’? The application will definitely leave behind many competitors in lieu of providing cool keyboard styles, in addition to possessing a huge collection of GIFs including emojis, because of a set with over 5000 specially built themes.

So, it will impress you over while customising the keyboard features with great-looking designs appeals to your imagination. The ever-growing arsenal of characters that arrive in quite versatile throughout fun-loving texting is among our favourite functionality of this app.


Don’t allow the name to deceive you since there’s much more to Facemoji Emoji Keyboard to bring rather than only emojis. Yeah, there are hundreds of emojis on this board, however, it still supports GIFs, and it’s really likely to compete with several different keyboards on this series. There’s a massive GIF library on the Facemoji Emoji, while its much more of an exciting task to use.It also includes  a search feature  to locate more GIFs over the internet, which is always helpful for finding the appropriate GIF pic.


Well, the Best GIF Keyboards for Android list never finishes with one that makes it easy for you to submit GIF pictures. Considering the GIF is now sponsored by most communication and social media applications, you should be all the more pumped about using them.

We still have one more thrilling keyboard here with us yet to be applied, after which we may want to hurry to an instant update. Bobble AI has unveiled its Marathi Keyboard with a pack of all the thrilling features humankind has been awaiting for. Bobble AI has magnified our creativity for a deeper look at the AI universe, from being the quickest translation keyboard to consisting of electrifying arrays of animated stickers. The Marathi Typing Keyboard App is incredibly built to understand the purpose of users to chat on a personalised but seamless typing platform while typing and supplying them. Marathi Keyboard has proved to allow a revolution in the field of digital communication with continuously increasing creativity.

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