marketing method

If you own or operate a smaller business, you know you need to get your name out there. If nobody really knows who you are, they will not buy from you. You’ll need to work on some brand visibility strategies.

This is another way to say you need to market your company, services, and products. However, you might only have a limited budget. In this article, we’ll talk about discount business marketing methodology.

Publish Fascinating Website Content

As you get ready for some business marketing strategy implementation, one thing you have to remember is that you have lots of other expenses. For instance, maybe you have to:

  • Pay your newly-hired employees
  • Pay your website designer
  • Pay for your work vehicle’s insurance coverage

If you have a brick-and-mortar location, you need to get there every day. You need the appropriate vehicle insurance policy. For instance, in Maryland, $30,000 is the minimum car insurance coverage. The good news is that it’s a tax write off.

The point is, you might not have a ton of leftover ad money. You can create exciting website content, though, and posting it costs you nothing.

You’ll need to create some blogs or articles that you feel will galvanize your customer base. You want to attract those niche shoppers who want to know about your services or products. You must create unique content that’s keyword-oriented and will get you lots of page views.

Helpful Instructional Videos

You can also create helpful videos that feature your products or services in some way. You might make videos about:

  • Fashion
  • Home improvement
  • How to use tools

Your video structure and details will depend on what your company offers and makes. The videos need to have excellent production values.

You can create a video with a simple smartphone, or you can hire some film students to do it. They might enjoy the experience and will probably not charge very much. This is a way to save some money versus hiring a professional videographer.

Refresh Old Content

If you’ve been in business for a little while, you can go back to your website content and dress it up. You don’t need to ever completely get rid of evergreen content. What you should do is revise it slightly so that it’s more topical.

You can look at old blog posts and add some valuable site links. This gives you more domain authority and makes you more credible.

Make sure that you only link to other sites that aren’t your direct competitors and only link to high-authority sites. If you link to spammy sites, that makes your website look bad by association. You can use a free online site authority checker.

You can create new blogs that link to older ones as well. This is internal linking, and it helps your website just as much as external linking does. It creates a more complex site map that will help propel your website up the Google and other search engine rankings.

Use Social Media Correctly

You should also use social media since it costs you nothing unless you buy advertising through it. If you have very little marketing money in the early going, you probably can’t afford that.

You can still set up business social media profiles for free. However, you should only select the platforms that you’re reasonably sure your potential customers use.

For instance, if you want younger customers, such as Gen Z, you should know that they won’t use a platform like Facebook. Facebook is mostly where Millennials and Baby Boomers spend their time.

If you’re unsure what platforms to use, do some market research, or reach out to a social media consultant. You don’t have to hire them full-time. You can just get their opinion as to where you should focus.

Create an Email List

You want to create a customer and would-be customer email marketing list. The way you do it is to get customer email addresses whenever someone buys from you.

You can also ask for their email when an individual visits your site. You can offer them a free eBook or some other incentive to give you their email address. You then send your list new product or sale announcements.

You can get creative if you’re trying to come up with inexpensive small business marketing ideas. You do not have to shell out millions on a TV ad campaign. Remember that Amazon and every other huge company started small, just like you are.