Monsoon Must Haves

The monsoons have arrived and along with its relief, have come a few of monsoon’s undesired experiences. We tend to not put on our best clothes during the monsoon because it may get soaked in the rain or may come covered in the monsoon dirt. Staying dry from the showers and also remaining fashionable is a critical thing to do this year. You shouldn’t give up on your looks, comfort, and elegance when you’re going out merely because of the monsoons. There are some essential accessories and must-haves that you need to stay away from the rain and stay fashionable as well.

Essentials for Monsoon this Year

Quite a few things are necessary for a proper lifestyle during the monsoon season. Monsoons surely bring much-needed relief from the scorching heat of the summers but then again, it also brings a few things that are undesired. You are bound to get a little wet in the rains, your watches, shoes will drench in the rainwater from to time, and your favorite clothes may even catch dirt from the monsoon. These are inevitable things to happen during the monsoon season. There are some remedies to the problems that monsoon brings. Here are the essential must-haves for the monsoon this year.

Long Handled Umbrella –

these bad boys are back in fashion. The old school long handle umbrellas are a helpful remedy that keeps you fashionable as well as saves you from the rains better than the usual umbrellas. These umbrellas have a designed handle and can be tagged along in an ultimate chic sense. Even when not in use, these umbrellas look elegant when walked around with. When the rain comes, the long shade of the umbrella helps keep you from the showers and enables you to stay dry. These long handle umbrellas are now the new thing brought back from the 90s. There are some of the umbrellas that have a specially customized handle, which is uniquely yours.

Fashionable Raincoats –

the idea of raincoat may sound old school and childish; however this year there are a varied array of stylish raincoats that make you look classy and keeps your dress dry. These raincoats are made of a different fabric than the usual rubber material. They look elegant and can be worn with your dresses just like an overcoat. There are these newly designed revolutionary raincoats for both men and women, and it makes the person using them look apart from the usual crowd. These outstanding raincoats are quite comfortable as well and can be worn anytime needed to safeguard from the rains.

Waterproof Watch –

the regular watches of your everyday life may not work well when it gets soaked in the rainwater. It is better to get the waterproof watches and own the monsoons with your fashion statement. The waterproof watches are of varied designs and multiple functions. You can avail different types of these watches like the chronographic ones, the digital ones, or even the regular analog watches. The waterproof watches are helpful to keep track of time in the monsoons without having to pull out the phone from the pocket every time you want to know the time. The waterproof watches are an essential fashion accessory, and along with its other benefits, it helps you stay fashionable all throughout the monsoons.

Shorter Bottom Wears –

this is a must-have for the summers if you don’t want these favorites of your to get spoilt because of the dirt from the rainwater. Boys and girls can wear the new-fashioned ankle-length trousers and jeans. Boys can also wear their short this monsoon in the casuals. For the girls, the options widen up. They can avail a number of fashionable options like cigarette pants, culottes, and even jumpsuit shorts. These pants, not going below the ankles keep the dirt from the monsoon streets from catching onto your favorite clothes.

Waterproof Bags –

you may usually need to carry a few things in your bag even during the monsoons. The bags, however, get soaked in the rain every time you bring it out on a rainy day. There is a solution to that as well today. Waterproof bags are bags made of water repellent fabric and keep your bag and the articles inside dry and intact. These are also available in trendy, fashionable designs, which will give you the advantage of being waterproof as well as lift your style quotient up by more than a notch. These are extremely necessary as there are often important document or articles that you may need to carry during a rainy day, and it is risky to do so without such a bag.

Shoes for Monsoons –

these are extremely important as keeping your feet dry during the rains is important otherwise it becomes uncomfortable and sickening. Having rainproof shoes is necessary as they don’t absorb any water and rather repel water off the fabric. Men have the option of wearing rain-boots, which are elegant and fashionable. For the women, there are a number of options like the rain-boots, and other waterproof sandals. These don’t get wet in the rains and dries up fast, as a result of which even your feet dry more quickly. The shoes can be easily washed if it gets dirty from the mud or rain dirt.

Soaking Shirts –

this is a recent trend which soaks up any little rainwater that may fall on your shirt. These shirts keep you dry even when you are exposed to the rain and prevent you from falling ill due to the rainwater. The soaking shirts are a relatively new form of fashion, which is prevalent during the rains. With this shirt and an umbrella, you don’t need to worry about the rain. The shirt has come up in the recent times and is a must have for the monsoon this year.

These few essential things are a must have for the monsoon season this year. The help you in a number of ways during the monsoons. You can stay safe from the undesired rain problems of the monsoons and do not even have to cut out on your style quotient, through these few necessary things this monsoon.