Social Media

Nowadays, Instagram is the most blooming social media platform for all ages and is also one of the fastest growing ways of sharing your experiences with others. Teenagers are spending most of their pivotal time on social media sharing photographs, engaging in conversation, commenting etc. If their activities have gone unwatched for long, then there might be some consequences that can let them to a pitfall.

Understanding the Basics of Instagram

It is very important for parents to step out and understand the basic mechanism of social media platforms and how it work. Instagram is fairly a very simple medium where the user can easily upload their pictures, videos being shared with other apps also like Facebook, Twitter etc. A user can customize their account settings as per their preference.

It is a matter of concern for the parents when it comes to providing the accessibility of social media platform to their kids. The instagram parental control app can be helpful in establishing the boundary and also help in monitoring the activities of the children on social media app.

Understanding the Risks Posed by Social Media

It is no hidden fact that when a user gets associated with any social media app then it is also getting exposed to millions of people all over the world. Any stranger can reach out to your kid easily. There are tons of content available on Instagram and other apps that are inappropriate. You are familiar with the word cyberbullying as well where other peers bully one another.

It is not a tough job for a parent to take control of their child’s Instagram account. It is easy to keep an eye on their kid’s movement across Instagram and putting a safeguard that can protect them from insensitive content and strangers.

Ways of Keeping Children Safe on Instagram

First and foremost, a step taken by parents is to change the settings of their children’s account to private if it is public. This will not allow any stranger to take a peek in your child’s account. It is safe to keep your kid’s account as a private account. You can keep a watch on your kid’s Instagram posts and you can also check their follower list. You can remove any follower from the account if you don’t find their profile appropriate.

You know that how commenting is done on some posts. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they turn into nasty and ugly. If you want your child to stay from any offensive and inappropriate content, then you can use comment control and can hide the inappropriate comment.

If you are concerned with your child’s behavior and the type of the people, they follow then you can easily restrict that from keep happening. You can unfollow any person whose posts you feel are not suitable for your child. Once unfollowed, you kid no longer access their posts.

If your child uploads their story very regularly and you don’t want them to get exposed to any negative and nasty comment, then you can adjust the setting to only private messages using story controls.