If you are not familiar then, ISNetworld® is a data management firm that provides verification services for big companies who pact with several suppliers. By constricting with ISNetworld®, these can outsource the review and verification of safety, insurance and other requirements.


This is very simple, like anyone is supplying goods to one of the companies, called “owner-clients”, you will have to pay a fee to join ISNetworld®. You submit your safety programs, insurance policies, and other requested documentation. ISNetworld® issues you a Dashboard Grade which is critical to your continuing to be eligible to perform work for your owner-client, and ISNetworld® Compliance is what keeps your grade high.

Follow these steps which will act as a guide, you will be able to maintain a high Dashboard Grade:

  • Your Company Information
    • For getting an ISNetworld® compliance, firstly, you have to set up your account, is to gather your company information.
  • Your NAICS number
  • Company’s oen OSHA 300 and 300A generic forms at least for 3 years
    • Experience Modification letters from your workers’ payment insurance company for the last 3 years. Also the average number of employees for each of the last 3 years
  • Your insurance certificates
  • Your written safety programs
  • Training documentation for your employees, both formal and informal
  • Insurance verification
  • Safety program verification
  • Training verification
  • Get ready to meet up with some extra requirements from them from time to time. Examples of these may include:
      • Site tracker requirements
      • Site identification cards
      • Other signed contractor documents


Most important areas of ISNetworld® compliance that must be noted down for our clients is the insurance proof. Because everyone does have some liability in their requirements, and one will be notified of them after you enroll in ISNetworld® and complete your preliminary questionnaire. This very procedure is very severe and one should cautiously review your certificates of insurance before submitting them to ISNetworld®.

Common reasons for rejected certificates of insurance include:

  • Company names were misspelled due to typographical errors or were truncated
  • Work address has been incorrectly listed on the certificate
  • The service provider’s name on the list with ISNetworld® did not accurately match the name on the insurance certificate
  • The insurance questionnaire was not answered correctly
  • Prerequisite of the notification of the given policy of cancellation was not specifically stated on the certificate of insurance
  • Missing policy types
  • Inadequate policy limits
  • The language of provided in the list did not exactly match as per the requirements


Based on the category of work your company does, your request may impose some training requirements for your employees. You will need to meet the terms with these requirements and upload the required results to them. After that, they will make sure that you have met the all requirements as part of the training verification process.

Acceptable training records must include the following information:

  • Date of training
  • Signature of employees who attended
  • Subject matter or type of training

If you are strapped for time and need help making all of this happen, you will need to be in ISNetworld compliance, you may want to hire a safety consultant to assist you with this process. There are huge number of companies that offer safety management services and can support you to make sure your company has the right safety programs to comply with ISNetworld® and that these procedures have actually taken place so your employees stay safe.