Mold Test Kits

Molds are a variety of fungus, which generally grows in multicellular filaments, also known as Hyphae. These Molds and their spores are all too common in our environment. Most of these are not harmful, but some of the molds like Black mold and their spores can lead to severe respiratory disorders.

They are in general not that harmful to most of us, but for infants and children, the allergic reaction they can enoucrage can be drastic.

Sometimes, these molds are visible, and then it is easy for a professional to know what type it is and then remove the mold. But, sometimes Molds are not visible, hidden behind walls or furniture – out of sight. But in this hidden corner of your room, they’re still more than capable of releasing their spores into the air. Generally, mold spores are distributed all over the environment, and if favorable conditions are available, they can grow…extensively.

In order to test a room – in most cases, it’s necessary to purchase a mold test kit, which will fully test the surround air for mold spore contaminants and even help you to diagnose which type of mold you have growing in  your home. Freshairguide do a good review of the best mold test kits around at the moment.

These are the three most common circumstances that people require the use of a good mold test kit:

  • When you find some irrelevant or stale odor, which seem to be of Mold, but it is not visible.
  • When, in general, you want to know the indoor air quality of a certain area.
  • When you are having water issues or plumbing leaks, which can provide humid conditions on walls for Mold growth.

Generally, these Mold kits catch spores which are in your indoor environment, that are too small to be seen by the naked eye. One thing which you must remember for mold test kits is that home based mould test kits may not be as accurate as kits used by lab professional, still for better results you should get your test kits verified by a lab. But, there are mold test kit companies like Pro-Lab, where you can send the collected samples for further inspection.

Following are some of the best Mold Test Kits, which are useful. Check the list:

#1. Pro-Lab Mold test kit

This is overall the best mold test kit available at a relatively affordable price. Pro-Lab mold test kits come with three different testing methods.


  • This kit provides three different methods for different circumstances.
  • The first method is the settling plate method, which is easiest. Second is the visual sampling method which is useful for visible molds. And the third one is the HVAC method, which is difficult but can detect spores in the air.
  • Pro-Lab provides laboratory analysis at an additional charge, and it takes only five days to receive results back.
  • It is one of the most certified test kits.
  • Price starts at only $ 9.29


  • Doesn’t ship with a dedicated sample bag.
  • There is only one kit for each testing method.
  • It fails to identify other fungus or bacterias.

#2. Home Mold Laboratory Viable Mold test kit

This kit from the Home mold laboratory is both the easiest and best on value. They come with an expiration date and require little preparation. Like the Pro-Lab kit, this also has three testing methods, all different. The mold growth requires three to seven days. For lab analysis, the company charges $ 50 per sample. Following are the best features and disadvantages of this kit:


  • Provides three methods of testing. First is easiest, and you just have to leave the petri dish in the open for an hour. The second uses a visible mold. The third is a difficult one, and you have to keep the kit in the farthest air vent from the central air system, after shutting all other vents.
  • The results are pretty great and fast too.
  • It is priced fairly at $9.95.
  • Quite easy to use.


  • The lab analysis report can take up to a week.
  • Laboratory Analysis is pricey at $50!

#3. IAQ Pro 5-minute mold test kit

This Home mold test kit is the fastest mold test kit available. Unlike other test kits which take at least two to three days, this takes just 5 minutes! And we are not even kidding. Though its cost is higher than other kits, it is known for fast action. Following are the best features and disadvantages of IAQ Pro 5-minute mold test kit:


  • Fastest mold test kit available on the market, as it takes only 5 minutes to test even the black mold.
  • Using this kit is pretty easy.


  • Comes with only one testing meeting.
  • The price of the IAQ Pro mold test kit is $44!
  • For more sophisticated results, if you add lab analysis cost, it becomes a pretty expensive test kit.