How to Restore WhatsApp Backup

As new leads are released after one out of one, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, HvVV P20, OnePlus 6 and similarly, smartphone clients convert each other into another phone. Very common to do. The fact is that even if any other phone is very amazing, many people have strangely discovered a huge immigration to change the messages that are better and bright than the oldest phone from the original phone. As if two phones are running specific working frames. With this article, we talk about how to translate WhatsApp chat with Android and iPhone and change SMS messages on Android in an easy and quick way. I will show some suggestions.

Techniques 1. Using Voices Transfer Software

Geo sphere Whats Mate Board is one of the WhatsApp Tool Kit which can help you change voice app messages, contacts, call history between Android and iPhone without limitation. In addition to the Exchange Function, this tool can be used in the same way, it can be used on reloading, backup and voice app information on Android and iPhone devices restore whatsapp backup restore whatsapp backup.

Step 1. Introduce and send Whats Mate to your Windows PC.

Step 2. Connect your Android and iPhone to PC with USB links. This program is taken after the screen indicator to affect your phone.

Step 3. The program will be naturally maintained as an Android device as a source gadget that can be kept in mind for the purpose so that you get the opportunity to change voice app messages from Android to iPhone. You can also hit the “flip” button to change the phone and WhatsApp information from the phone as an Android phone to the iPhone.

Step 4. Once the two phones are efficiently attached, you will need to demand a date, contact, and exchange for a source under the source phone. After selection, tap the “Exchange” button and the program will start downloading Android from WhatsApp’s messages from Android. When it’s complete, your old WhatsApp messages and media will appear in the WhatsApp Embassy running on your new phone.


This is a paid program, yet it uncertainly connects to your backup voice app information for PCs. Similarly, you can use this tool to print Android / iPhone WhatsApp messages and photos as they show on your phone.

USB starts troubleshooting your Android phone when you’re connected to the PC. In this event when your iPhone can not be featured by the program, it will be ideal if you introduce the most recently iTunes on your computer. Keep in mind that do not connect your phone through the step-by-side, information on your phone can usually cause errors.

Strategy 2. Use email to move the history of WhatsApp chat

In the event you need to visit and read your old Voice App history on your phone, this basic network is available for you to trade with Android from iPhone, or iPhone to WhatsApp Conversation. Should be the most logical option. With this technique, you do not need a PC or use any external programming. What you need, take the e-mail address, and the sources below to transfer your WhatsApp chat history from Android, and avoid bad habits.

Step 1. Discover “Settings” from the Voice app from your old gadgets, click on this point, click on the “Email conversation” click on the list.

Step 2. Select the Voice app history you need to exchange. A window will fly that “will create a big email message attached to the media”. Snap “Add Media Without” or “Media Add” as your point of view.

Step 3. Configure your e-mail address interface and click “Send” to send mail to your WhatsApp tour date.

Step 4. Sign in to your new gadgets in your email, now you can download voice apps messages on your new phone and see.


It is not appropriate for a huge exchange of Voice App information, because it is a very difficult thing to email messages from the same contact whatsapp transfer.

Specifically, those WhatsApp messages and media are available on your new phone and you can not restore them back to your WhatsApp application. On this occasion, you need to have your old WhatsApp history persistent with the date on the new phone, you must apply in 1.

Strategy 3. Use the backup file to move the phone to WhatsApp for Android

This strategy includes two unique tools. An iPhone Backup Browser, and the other is the WazzapMigrator application. This technique has made more progress and some extent appear to be worse, so please take the following instructions whatsapp transfer.

Step 1. Use iTunes to make the entire backup of your iPhone on PC, and please make backup encryption in iTunes.

Step 2: On PC, introduce and display the iPhone Backup browser, and let it stack your iTunes backup document.

Step 3. (-) Sign-on Approach as long as you can find Net Device. House app art app organizer. Under this organizer, record and record a record of chat storage. Contest in which the content of all voice resources preserves. For media backups, you should separate each of the records under the Library / Media section.

Step 4. On this point, move the data separated from your computer into internal memory.

Step 5. Download and run WazzapMigrator on your Android phone. After that the backup on your Android automatically is set apart, you can defect content and media administrators.

Step 6. After completing the content, tap the “Sports” button to wrap your application for you.

Step 7. Long ago, you mainly introduced the voice-ups up on your Android and restore the neighborhood twenty made by WazzapMigrator in the previous advance.


This technique must be used to change the WhatsApp messages from Android to Android. The free version of the iPhone Backup browser enables you to easily pull down the texts from iPhone Backup. On this occasion, if you need to remove the media, you should buy the full version at $ 2.99.