Mobile Performance Meter App

One of the most intriguing things in our daily lives is mobile. It is a boon to civilization. Scientific revolution and technological advancement have given this sweet fruit to mankind. With it they can do carry on their need and work, from anywhere around the world. Mobile phones have become popular as the ‘mini office’. In the last two years, an uncertain pandemic hit the whole world. The whole world seems to become still and immobile. People were not allowed to come outside home or go to work. But does that keep life from going? With the help of efficient alternatives, life moved on with work. And this has become possible only because of the advanced level mobile phones. 

With the advancement in technologies, the features of the mobile phone have changed. At first, it was a keypad phone. Slowly through transition, it has become the smart-phone, the evolution of touch phones. Different manufacturing companies around the world have come up with an idea. It is of producing varieties of models and specifications for mobile phones. Some of the world’s popular ones are Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Motorola, RedMi, and more. These mobile manufacturing companies make handy, sleek, trendy, and useful mobiles. They are available with advanced features. These phones have distinct characteristics. These are touch screens, password locking and facial recognition. Besides, there are retina scanning and connectivity with many devices, as well. 

However, the increased amount of complexity gives rise to extreme difficulties in performance. Exquisite features make the mobile phones handy and attractive; and useful too. But, they often make them complex to handle. More added quantity reduces the quality of the product. This is a global problem, especially for smart-phones around the world. 

Users need to keep an eye on the performance level of your mobile or any mobile in the market before buying them. Several apps are available to check on it. Here is a detailed idea of what a new one, the mobile performance meter hack app is and how they work. Also, here, we will discuss how you can even earn gift cards and points by using this app.

New One: About the Mobile Performance App:

A mobile performance meter app is an application. It helps the user keep a track of the performance level of their mobile device. It is as same as the apps like Study App and Facebook Research app. This app tracks the record of the mobiles in use. In exchange, it collects gift rewards from bigger selling companies like Amazon, Flipkart. 

How to use this app:

To make use of this app, the first one needs to download it on their mobile device. The mobile performance meter hack app is available in the app stores. You just need to download it on your mobile phone. Once you download the app, your free meter points start gathering points. TO redeem the points, you will need a code. Once you need to register yourself with the required credentials. The process of gaining meter points is very simple. The daily limit of meter point earning is 20 and to redeem a $5 Amazon gift card, you will need a least of 500 points. This is a continuous process. Once you download the app, it runs in the background, earning points. For that one needs to have continuous and stable internet connectivity.

One might think that it will take a lot of data to send the analysis since it is running in the background. The number of gifts available in the app is enormous. One can redeem the data according to their needs. One can also earn rewards and bonus points by referring the app to their friends as well.

Below is the complete process to earn free rewards and bonus points by installing the app. 

The Process: How does the Mobile Performance meter work?

To download the app, you first need to follow these processes- 

  1. a) There is an app named ‘Mobile Meter’ in the play store.

  2. b) It might happen that the mobile performance meter cheat is not available in your country due to internet restrictions. You might need to then download it from a third-party platform. For this, you need to hide your identity by using a VPN network key that supports the USA server. One needs to keep an uninterrupted internet connection to continue with the process.

  3. c) You need to click on the install button and wait for the installation of the app. 

  4. d) One does not need to provide any important documents for verification. After download, the user needs to give their phone number and email address. It is to register and install the app. 

  5. e) And your app is ready to use on your mobile phone. 

What you can know from this App?

This app gathers various information. They are about Network Speed, Performance level, and Usage of app data. Then they sell the information to the manufacturing companies. These companies know the emerging trend. And they try to reshape and advance the data strategy and service accordingly. 

This Mobile Performance Meter app does need the phone number of the user. But it does not share, sell or use any of the information on the phone like call logs and messages. They do not even spam your phone by displaying unimportant advertisements. 

How to earn Free Gift cards from this app?

This mobile performance meter app comes with some benefits. The main advantage of this app is its free reward and bonus points. It can help you avail of many gift cards from renowned brands. Here is the detailed process one needs to follow to earn and redeem gift cards from this app.

a) First by following the above-mentioned process, one needs to download the app. 

b) If there is an error coming up, there is nothing to panic about. You need to go to the settings and activate the Unknown Sources Installation option. The download process will resume. 

c) Now after the mobile performance meter mod download and installation, click on the app icon on your mobile phone to launch the app. 

d) In the first step, the app will ask for permission for storage location on the phone. DO give all the permissions by clicking on the option ‘allow’. This information will help the app operator identify the specification of the phone. (lmei no, phone no, and carrier details).

e) Once you accept all the terms and conditions by clicking allow, click on the Next button.

f) This will redirect you to a page where you need to complete a survey. There are some options to fulfill. Enter the required details and press enter. 

g) With this, the Mobile Performance Meter app is ready to work on your device. And the money meter has already become active. The app is running in the background where you can also see/display your earn rate. 

How to Redeem the Meter Points and Earn rewards:

When you can find that there are enough meter points (more than 500), you need to follow the steps to redeem them. 

a) Go to the Rewards Tab.

b) From there, select the gift card brand you want to redeem the points to.

c) The next step is to provide your valid email id to get the code for redeeming the offer. 

d) The final step is to enter the amount you want to redeem. 

Then the company will send the secret code. You can go to the online official site of the chosen brand and enter the discount code to avail of the offer. There is no minimum transaction bar on which the redeem coupon can use. But, one code is 100% available just for one single transaction. It is no more valid after that. 

How to enhance the point earning process?

You can earn reward by keeping the app running in the background. But you can also adopt two more processes to increase the earning amount as well. 

a) Completing Survey: One needs to enable the Server Booster option from the settings. With this enabled option, you will get a notification every time a new survey is there in the section. You need to click on the notification and complete the survey. And you will find your points increasing. 

b) Refer and Earn: Sometimes, you can refer this app to other fellow friends and relatives as well. It also provides them a chance of earning points. The only method of referring is to share your unique referral code with your friends. With the code, they will download the app on their devices. And you will earn points. 

Brands where one can redeem their earned points- 

The top brands that accept these points as gift cards are below- 

  • Walmart
  • Domino’s
  • Visa 
  • Aeria Games 
  • Starbucks and many others. 

Payment Proof:

It would be inconvenient to discuss the payment proof. Not many people have reached the least threshold of 500 coins to redeem. But, there is an assurance from the Google Play app store that has positive feedback from the users. And they have also rated it 4.1 out of 5. 

Hence, the app is authentic and so is its payment proof. 


Above is a detailed idea of what the Mobile Performance Meter app is. We have discussed the benefits and advantages of this app as well. It is a free app that will help you earn rewards for free and get you discounts on renowned brands. 


It would be unwise to uninstall this app. If you uninstall the app, you would lose all the reward points. Even if you log in from another device, it will not resume.