Mini Fleet Insurance

Like most small business owners, you probably have one or two cars you drive regularly, plus perhaps another one or two vehicles you use when making deliveries and pickups from clients.

If this describes your situation, then mini fleet insurance may be the solution to your vehicle insurance needs. 

There are many ways to insure your fleet of vehicles, ranging from large companies specializing in the transportation industry to independent agencies dealing with multiple types of insurance products.

Fleet insurance can protect multiple vehicles at once, which means that drivers will be covered in case of an accident while behind the wheel and when they’re temporarily operating another vehicle during their workday.

How Much Does It Cost?

The UK’s mini motor fleet insurance price will vary from company to company. However, due to the nature of the policies, costs will likely be higher than those for classic private car insurance policies, which cover only one vehicle at a time.

Most companies offer the option to spread the cost over several months or offer a payment plan, so it’s important to read through each quote thoroughly and understand how much you’re paying upfront and how much you’ll pay regularly.

For most drivers, mini fleet insurance should remain fairly affordable as long as they stay within their mileage allowance.

What Kinds Of Vehicles Are Covered By This Insurance?

If you have a fleet of cars that your employees are using, then mini fleet insurance might be able to help. These policies are designed for businesses that need to provide transportation to their workers, offering coverage for personal vehicles.

Your mileage will affect how much you pay on your policy. So many drivers like these policies because they’re less expensive than a personal policy and can still cover all their vehicles. But, if you want to be covered for driving other people around in your car or van, then it might be better to get an umbrella insurance policy that offers broader coverage.

Your vehicle type is also important for mini fleet insurance: You won’t be able to get coverage for cars that are used as taxis or limos. For those types of cars, you’ll need commercial auto insurance instead.

Switching Vehicle Types While Having Mini Fleet Insurance Cover

Yes, you can change vehicle types as long as you do not own more than one of those covered types of vehicles at any given time.

So, for example, if your minivans are insured through a mini fleet insurance policy, you get rid of them to replace them with another type of vehicle (such as a pickup truck) that is also insured through your mini fleet insurance policy. You can do so without violating your policy.

Keep in mind that most policies state that once a vehicle comes off the plan and on to an individual auto insurance policy, it will be removed from their mini fleet insurance coverage; therefore, all vehicles should be insured under one single auto plan.