An Ayahuasca Retreat May Be the Detox You Need

Pre 2020 the world we lived in was a crazy fast paced one. Everything was money and consumerist focused and there was little time for you, your family, or the land. It is little surprise that the impact on well being was considerably negative. Two years and several lockdowns later, and an almost an invasion of pharmaceutical interventions, everything has gotten worse.

So what is the answer for you and your family to keep it together? An ayahuasca retreat in Europe may well be your answer. Let’s find out why.

What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca, is a Quecua term. Aya means ‘corpse, dead human body, dead’ while waskha refers to ‘braided or twisted wire, rope, vine, cord’. As such, common translations of Ayahuasca include ‘rope of the dead’, or ‘vine of the dead’.

Ayahuasca is extracted from Banisteriopsis cappi, a vine that grows in the Amazon. It has been utilised by several Amazon tribes for thousands of years for healing and well being purposes. Some tribes have added the Psychotria viridis plant to ayahuasca which gives it a visual and hallucinogenic effect.

The chemical ingredients in ayahuasca are known as harmalines. In its visionary, hallucinogenic form, the active ingredient is dimethyltryptamine(DMT).

The western world has begun to understand that ayahuasca brings several benefits and retreats have sprung up to help individuals, couples and families to cope with the stresses and pressures of society.

So what are the benefits of an ayahuasca retreat in Europe do for you and your family?

Benefits of Ayahuasca Retreats

It is important to understand that ayahuasca is a plant based medicine and not ‘magic.’ It is not going to modify cells or make an infection vanish. It is part of a wider holistic approach to health to help you cope with the stresses of the modern world and to reconnect with who you are as a person.

Defeating Anxiety

Anxiety is an ever growing problem in the world. The recent lockdowns have expatiated this problem considerably. Small cracks in the family bond have been forced open to the point where it becomes destructive. The pressures have been ramped up further every time you watch the news. The workplace has changed and things we took for granted are in some instances changed or are no longer there.

As such, reconnecting with who you are, the land, and the world around you becomes essential. Taking time out to detox from the world in a retreat using plant based medicine may be the solution to coping with the ever increasing anxiety problem.

Media Overload

The media is omnipresent. It reaches every aspect of our lives flashing up in the palm of your hand with another headline. It moves at a thousand miles per hour and is subject to political and corporate influences. Throughout the last two years death toll numbers, the wheeling out of certain experts have given a picture that death was on every corner and everywhere you looked.

This messaging, together with precautions has impacted our lives to the point where a full shut down of the media in of itself will make you feel better. A greater understanding of who you are will help you cope and indeed understand everything that is behind the media messaging.

Conquering Unhealthy Habits and Addictions

There are few of us that don’t have the odd guilty pleasure and let’s face it what would life be without it. That said, you may be on a course of self destruction and that’s where our unhealthy habits and addictions need to be addressed.

This may not be as easy as it sounds. You can start with the best of intentions and do well for a few days, but a bad day can set you back to the start. Coping with addictions and bad habits is not an easy thing to do, especially if you have a particular liking for a substance, say tobacco.

Here, at the right retreat, you may find that ayahuasca can help you cope and conquer addictions and break bad habits.

Seeing Through Social Conditioning

You may have experienced group pressures and groupthink which have guided you to a place where you don’t want to be, doing things that you do not want to do. This is the role of social conditioning to push you in a certain direction.

Although it may sound a little sinister there are positives to social conditioning, but like a lot of things, it also can be used to push you into a place where you don’t want you and your family to be. It can be a hard thing to resist especially when you might have people close to you believing that you should be acting in a certain way and doing certain things.

Here, being able to see through the conditioning to get at the truth becomes essential to your well being and can help you make the right decision for you and your family without compromising important relationships.

An ayahuasca retreat may not solve everything, but at the very least will help you reconnect with what’s important.