Sagging Glutes

During the last couple of decades, glutes have gained great importance in the definition of female physical beauty. To such an extent that there are several movie stars, singers and socialites that with their voluptuous and prominent buttocks have contributed to this paradigm of beauty.

But at the same time that the era of the big derriere imposed itself, a legion of underprivileged women fell into depression because they couldn’t even compare themselves to their favorite star.

Cosmetic Surgeons offices were overcrowded with women asking for solutions and the answer was invariably either buttock implants or Brazilian Butt Lift (a.k.a. BBL).

Even though cosmetic surgeons kept praising each one of these procedures the naked truth was a very different one: both procedures had more flaws than benefits but the wallet prevailed over the truth and those methods were sold as panaceas.

Let’s look at the problems that each of these solutions entails.

Buttock implants have a structural flaw that consists in the fact that they can never be completely covered by the gluteus maximum muscle because the human anatomy simply does not allow it and therefore they are subject to displacements and rotations which limits the surgeon to having to choose small and round implants, something that of course patient doesn’t like, whose ambitions and expectations are well above a simple 200-250 cc augmentation.

In addition, buttock implant surgery is complex and involves a long, painful and uncomfortable postoperative period. Finally, the aesthetic result of an implant buttock augmentation surgery leaves a lot to be desired since implants invariably leave steps that make them too evident both to the eye and to the touch.

On the other hand, Brazilian Butt Lift, which is marketed as the Eighth Wonder of the World, is actually a total bluff: it is not useful for those patients who lack enough adipose tissue to be transplanted, and on the other hand, fat grafts survive very little, being reabsorbed by the body a few months later.

However, even though the above methods for adding volume to the buttocks are barely effective, let’s say that when patients don’t have flaccidity in their buttocks they are at least passable.

Their true inefficacy becomes evident when gluteal areas present some type of descent and/or flaccidity for which both gluteal prostheses and BBL are totally useless.

In these cases, traditionally only conventional surgery could offer some benefit but with totally unacceptable aesthetic results such as a horrible horizontal scar above the buttocks as well as erasing the subgluteal sulcus.

Of course, there are cases of extreme flaccidity where only surgery can provide a solution but there is an intermediate range of conditions in which a minimally invasive technique known as non-surgical buttock lift is the most indicated, i.e. when we run into little to moderately saggy and/or flaccid buttocks, we can avoid surgery altogether by applying the techniques from Aesthetic Medicine.

The conclusion is that Aesthetic Medicine increasingly has more to offer in the world of Beauty, sometimes replacing surgery altogether.

In today’s post, even as a bird’s eye view, we will help you understand what non-surgical buttock lift is all about.

This procedure consists of inserting special High Strength Anchoring Fibers into the subgluteal foldunder local anesthesia, using a thin cannula. This allows the specialist to exert an ascending traction in such a way that the gripping hooks of the fibers, when deeply anchored to the internal planes of the gluteus achieve the required lifting effect. 6 to 10 fibers are

Usually, needed on each side to ensure firmness and strength. Finally both the entry and exit points of the cannula are duly sealed with a medical adhesive.

Once the supporting mechanism of the anchoring fibers is in place, the procedure may be enhanced through the instillation of legitimate PMMA biocompatible substance (Bioplasty) enriching the overall final result especially in cases that require it.


Every woman wish to go with the flow and this is the reason why the trend of getting attractive and prominent buttocks is increasing. But before going through any kind of surgical procedure in your body, you should investigate a little more if there are solutions that are minimally invasive and that minimize the risks and dissatisfactions of surgery. And this is particularly true with the non-surgical buttock lift that uses high-strength tensile fibers to achieve excellent results in those patients who have a small to medium drop in their buttocks.