Markie Post

The spectacular celebrity woman of the epoch of The Fall Guy, Night Court, and Bunny rock is Markie Post. This model cum actress ruled the frequencies in the ’90s. She became a pop culture icon for her alluring performances in many series. She is shown up in an extensive array of TV shows and movies since her time on Night Court and continues to have accomplishments in the entertainment industry to this day. 

Markie Post is a renowned American actress. She is well-known for her roles as the public defender Christine Sullivan in NBC’s sitcom ‘Night Court’, the bail bondswoman Terri Michaels in ABC’s drama series ‘The Fall Guy’, and Georgie Anne Lahti Hartman in CBS’s sitcom ‘Hearts Afire’. Apart from acting, she has worked on many game reality shows. 

How Old is Markie Post today?

At a squint at Markie Post, and you might guess she’s at her 40’s. At least not older than 45. Okay, 50? But, if you have been following her since her Card Sharks days, you know she just turned 70! 

Post was born in Palo Alto, California, the USA on November 4, 1950. Markie Post is the daughter of scientist Richard F. Post and his wife, Marylee, a poet. She was raised in Walnut Creek and Stanford together with her two siblings, Rodney and Stephen. Post and her two other sisters spent their juvenile days in Stanford and Walnut Creek. She did her schooling at Las Lomas High School, where she was a jolly cheerleader for a long time. Later she was enrolled at Lewis & Clark College. She fleetingly attended Pomona College and later received her bachelor’s degree from Lewis & Clark College in Oregon. 

Since 7 February 1982, she has been married to actor cum writer Michael A. Ross. The couple has two daughters, Daisy Ross and Katie Ross. Earlier, Post was married to her college mate, Stephen Knox, of Lewis & Clark College. Post is an astounding actress, as well as a perfect wife and a mother of two daughters. This Scorpio has always been an inspiration for many actresses in Hollywood. 

Markie Post has been a beauty icon for eras. The more birthdays she has, the more unblemished she looks. She continues with propelling all her fans away with her perfectly fit physique, and lit-from-within glow.

The model-turned-actress looks as beaming as ever, with a prosperous acting career to match. She started her expedition in the television industry as a part of the production crew of the Split Second, a story was based on Tom Kennedy. Split Second was a reality game show which was first written by Monty Hall and Stefan Hatos. Later, the show was produced by their own production company that is named Stefan Hatos-Monty Hall Productions.

Besides, Post also worked as associate producer of Alex Trebek’s Double Dare show. She took part in an NBC-originated series where she played the character of a card dealer. It was an American game show produced by Chester Feldman, who works for Mark Goodson.

Post also showcased her manifestation in a science fiction series named Buck Rogers. It is an American sci-fi adventurous series, created by Universal Studios. She involved herself in the show in the 25th Century. Between the time of 1979 and 1981, this series got aired for two seasons. Afterward, she performed in The Fall Guy series, where she portrayed the character of Christine Sullivan. She has also taken part in the comedy series named Night Court, which started in the year 1980.

On the comedy television series Hearts Afire, she exemplified Georgie Anne Lahti Hartman. This too got featured with John Ritter as her co-star.

Since her debut, Markie Post has had a vigorous presence in the filming industry. She worked for movies and TV shows for more than 30 years in a row. Post has earned fame and fortune for the different roles in shows, series, and movies. The ‘Fall Guy’, Markie Post, has a net worth amount of $12 million. 

Markie Post Career

Markie Post is a successful actress both in movies and commercial platforms. The actress was seen first on television in the year 1979 with her debutant episode of the drama ‘CHIPs’. In that same year, she got featured in two episodes of ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century’. In the year 1981, she got attached to the cast of the television miniseries ‘The Gangster Chronicles’ as Chris Brennan. That same year, Post landed a role in the crime drama movie ‘Gangster Wars’. 

The actress then got cast as Terri Michael’s action cum adventure TV program ‘The Fall Guy’. She was starred there along with Lee Majors, Heather Thomas, and Douglas Barr. Besides her game show, ‘Match Game’ and ‘Go’, she got featured in two other episodes of ‘Fantasy Island’ and ‘The A-Team’. Now, the actress also commenced on, in another game show ‘The $10,000 Pyramid’. 

In the year 1984, she bagged the role of Christine Sullivan in the sitcom ‘Night Court’. It is interesting to comprehend that she wasn’t a novel cast member. She came on during the third season and dwelled on till the end. A year later, she joined another game show ‘Super Password’.

Continuously, Post starred as Georgie Anne Lahti Hartman in the sitcom ‘Hearts Afire’ alongside John Ritter from 1992 to 1995. After the series got ended, she took part in the drama ‘Odd Man Out’, where she played the character Julia Whitney. 

In 1998, the actress did a short film ‘Behind the Zipper with Magda’. She was a part of a romantic comedy ‘There’s Something About Mary’, as she plays Mary’s mother and took part in the iconic “Franks and beans” scene. The scene became such a big part of the movie and it is a treat to all of us. 

Markie Post next starred as Mom Chandler on the television screen in the drama ‘Holiday in Handcuffs’. During that time, she also did a movie ‘Cook Off!’ which got released in 2017.

In 2013, she got cast in a series regular in ‘Transformers Prime’. The subsequent year, she depicted the character of Barbara Fletcher in the police procedural drama ‘Chicago P.D’. 

Cathryn Michon’s directorial debut about a woman got featured in 2014, where Post appeared in ‘Muffin Top: A Love Story’. The character revolves around the dating world after her husband leaves her for another woman.

Markie Post Movies

1981 – Gangstar War as Chris Brennan

1998 – Behind the Zipper with Magda as Sheila Jensen

1998 – There’s Something About Mary as Mary’s Mom

2007- Cook-Off! as Christine Merriweather (released in 2017)

2014 – Muffin Top: Love Story as Linda

2017 – Sweet Sweet Summertime as Lila Burns

2017 – Camp Cool Kids as Euginia

2017 – Keep the Gaslight Burning as Mrs. Maxwell

2017 -Four Christmases and a Wedding as Anna Taylor

Markie Post Work in TV Serials

1979 – CHIPs as Roberta for the television debut Episode: “Rally ‘Round the Bank”

1979 – Barnaby Jones as Linda Woods for Episode: “Master of Deception”

1979 – The Incredible Hulk as Pamela Morris for the Episode: “The Confession”

1979 – The Lazarus Syndrome as Lauren Place for the Episode: “A Brutal Assault”

1979 – Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Joella Cameron For the Episodes 2

1979 – Hart to Hart as Sandy for the Episode: “Cop Out”

1980 – B.J. and the Bear as Valerie Wood for the Episode: “Siege”

1980 – House Calls as Linda for the Episode: “A Slight Case of Quarantine”

1980 – Eight is Enough as Kerry for the Episode: “The Commitment”

1980 – Semi-Tough as Barbara Jane Bookman For the Episodes 4

1981 – The Gangster Chronicles as Crish Brennan for the Television Miniseries 13 episodes

1981 – The Greatest American Hero as Deborah Dante for the Episode: “The Two-Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Fast Ball”

1981 – Simon & Simon Carolyn Perry for the Episode: “Details at Eleven”

1981 – McClain’s Law for the “Requiem for a Narc”

1982 – Code Red for the Episode: “Wildfire”

1982 – Massarati and the Brain as Julie Ramsdell for the Television Movie

1982 – Not Just Another Affair Jan Thacker for the Television Movie

1982 -1983 – The Love Boat as Doris Holden/Dee Dee/Donna Baker for the 2 Episodes

1982 – 1985 – The Fall Guy as Terri Michaels for the series regular 64 Episodes

1983 – Six Pack as sally Lead better for the Television Movie

1983 – Matt Houston Courtney Garner for the Episode: “A Novel Way to Die”

1983 – Cheers as Heather Landon for the Episode: “just Three Friends”

1983 – Match Game as Herself for the 5 Episode

1983 – Go as Herself for the 5 Episode

1983 – 1984 – Fantasy Island as Amy Marshall/Doreen Murphy for the 2 Episodes

1983 – 1984 – The A-Team as Rina/Leslie Becknell/Sister Teresa for the 2 Episodes

1983 – 1988 – The $10,000 Pyramid as Herself for the recurring role 80 episodes

1984 – Glitter as Barbara Nelson for the Episode: “pilot”

1984 – Scene of the Crime as Courtney Hollander for the Episode: “pilot”

1984 – Body Language as Herself for 5 episodes

1984 – Hotel as Anne Crowley/ Jill Stanton for the 2 episodes

1984 – 1992 – Night Court as Christine Sullivan for the 159 episodes (Series Regular)

1985 – The $25,000 Pyramid as Herself for the 5 episodes

1985 – 1987 – Super Password as Herself for the 20 episodes

1986 – Triplecross as Delia Langtree for the TV Movie

1988 – Glitz as Linda moon for the TV Movie

1988 – Trick of the Trade as Marla for the TV Movie

1988 – Blackout as Herself for the 5 Episodes

1991 – Strangers at My Door as Sharon Dancey for the TV Movie

1992 – 1995 – Hearts Afire as Gregorie Anne Lahti Hartman for the 54 episodes

1993 – Beyond Suspicion as Joyce for the TV Movie

1994 – Someone She Knows as Laurie Philips as TV Movie

1995 – VR.5 Alexis Miller for the Episode: “The Many Faces of Alex”

1995 – Visitors of the Night as Judith English for the TV Movie

1996 – Chasing The Dragon as Gwen Kessler for the TV Movie

1996 – Dave’s World as Lisa McCauley for the Episode: “Falling”

1997 – Dog’s Best Friend as Horse for the TV Movie voice role

1997 – Survival on the Mountain as Amy Hoffman for the TV Movie

1997 – I’ve Been Waiting For you as Rosemary Zoltanne for the TV Movie

1999 – 2000 – Odd Man Out as Julia Whitney for the 13 episodes

2000 – Twice in a Lifetime Nancy Waldron/Peggy McIntrye for the episode: “It’s a Hard Knock Life”

2000 – Hollywood Squares as Herself for the 5 Episodes

2001 – Till Dad Do Us Apart as Virginia Corbett TV Movies

2001 – Late Boomers for the TV Movie

2002 – 2006 – Scrubs as Lily Reid for the 3 episodes

2003 – 2004 – The District as Audrey Livingston/Simone Fairgate/Audrey Livermore for the 2 episodes

2006 – Ghost Whisperer as Diana Lassiter for the Episode: “The Woman of His Dreams”

2007 – Holiday in Handcuffs as Mom Chandler for the TV Movie

2008 – 30 Rock as Herself for the” The One with the Cast of Night Court”

2010 – Backyard Wedding as Aunt Addie for the TV Movie

2010 – 2013 – Transformer Prime as June Darby series regular; 15 episodes (voice role)

2011 – Man Up as Linda for the Episode: “Acceptance”

2013 – Back in The Game as Dotty for the Episode: “Play Hard or Go Home”

2013 – Christmas on the Bayou as Lilly for the Television Movie

2014 – Rack and Ruin as Betsy for the 5 episodes

2014 – 2017 – Chicago P.D. as Barbara “Bunny” Fletcher for the recurring role; 18 episodes

2015 – Rack and Ruin Web Series as Betsy for the Television Movie

2017 – The Joneses Unplugged as Tawney for the Television Movie

2018 – Santa Clarita Diet as Becky for the Episode: “Coyote in Yoga Pants”

What is Markie Post Doing Now? 

The actress that we enjoyed in the ’90s is still around if you take the time to look. While some of them have probably passed away and others have retired, Markie Post has wedged around to continue her career. They are not quite done yet. 

The actress signed for a TV series Soundtrack in 2019 and she played the role of Joanna’s Mom.

This 70-year-old actress has an active social media presence, where she posts pictures of her family and friends regularly. Her Twitter account has 19k followers. To know about her recent updates, you can follow her on her Twitter account.