Nearly  75% of American remote workers are eager to return to work, according to Glassdoor. At the same time, businesses are taking this time to  ensure that their spaces are safe for their returning employees. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), International Labor Organization (ILO), and even Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are now stepping up to further improve workplace health and safety.

The Role Of Managers

The majority of the emphasis in the reopening of workplaces is on the physical changes, but the Health and Safety Executive believes that those changes are only a relatively minor part of the equation. They firmly say that businesses need to look beyond general rules of compliance. HSE says that  9 out of 10 employees reached out to colleagues to maintain a culture of trust and connectivity. So businesses need to utilize their managers to create an environment that emphasizes the human connection and mental safety. As such, managers are in perfect positions to see when the workforce needs support through emails or video meetings. HSE recommends training managers with de-escalation practices to fully cultivate a sense of trust and ease any fears among employees.

Challenging The Old Office Culture

The  concepts of violence and harassment are a constant issue in the sphere of work, according to Manal Azzi. Those that have been subjected to workplace harassment often bear deep emotional and mental burdens, according to  JJS Justice. The International Labor Organization believes that an examination of existing occupational safety frameworks within businesses is necessary to forge ahead and challenge the old office culture. They recommend an initiative to prevent and address existing psychosocial vulnerabilities in the workplace, such as addressing any lack of diversity or taking action against existing employees with multiple complaints on record. ILO believes that to build a better normal, there must be no place for workplace harassment and violence.

Utilizing IoT Technology

IoT technology is now seen as the future of improving workplace health and safety through its automatic and contactless nature. The company Diycam has come up with a 3-in-1 safety device that performs temperature detection, contactless attendance supervision, and even a hands-free sanitation podium. The safety device has a strict temperature protocol and will not even open the doors should a high temperature be detected. It also has a cloud-based management system that will enable businesses to keep track of records in a seamless fashion, as data is time-stamped and sent to a secure server to prevent tampering. Such a device can do a lot to promote a sense of ease and security for the workforce and the management. So instead of worrying, they can simply focus on their tasks and enjoy their jobs as per usual.

At this point, businesses and employees everywhere are looking forward and onward. So it is not surprising that brands are doing what they can to assure their workers that they can carry on with their jobs and not have to worry about their health and safety. The coming months will be an interesting study in how businesses will continue to adjust to the needs of the times and maintain their operational capacity.