Cosmetic dentistry is all about improving the patient’s smile, mouth, and teeth. The dentist focuses on oral care of the patient. During cosmetic dentistry procedures dentists offer elective care to the patient’s oral cavity which has benefits in terms of restoration. If you are unhappy about your smile, you have crooked teeth, teeth with gaps, or discolored teeth then you don’t have to worry anymore as there are many cosmetic procedures offered by dentists. According to the Lasting Smiles of Bethlehem website, anyone who has a problem with their smiles can benefit from a cosmetic dentistry procedure. The main types of cosmetic dentistry procedures include the following:


These are the indirect type of dental fillings which are prepared by the dental labs prior to the placement by the dentists over the patient’s teeth. The onlays and inlays are indicated in conditions with mild to moderate types of dental decay. They are also indicated in conditions where patients have less tooth structure to provide support to the dental fillings. When the tooth cusps are intact, inlays are recommended. For  teeth with damaged cusps, onlays are recommended for covering the entire tooth surface. Once the inlays and onlays are fabricated by the dental labs, the dentists adhere them to the tooth surface with the help of dental cement. Inlays and onlays work well for restoring the decayed tooth, preventing further deterioration, preventing future tooth decay, and supporting weak teeth.


It is one of the most common dental procedures performed by most dentists. Many patients, especially the ones who are very social, prefer having teeth whitening. Bleaching teeth is one of the simplest procedures performed by dentists once the teeth are free from any calculus, tartar, plaque and other food debris. Teeth whitening is recommended in conditions where teeth have lost their natural color and become stained due to the use of certain medications and habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, chewing nuts. The teeth whitening procedure can be performed at home or in offices. There are bleaching trays available in the market along with some teeth whitening toothpaste. But it is highly recommended to visit the dentists before performing any teeth whitening treatment as it might ruin the upper surface of your tooth, such as the enamel.


Dental veneers are also prepared by dental labs with the help of ceramic material according to the patient’s tooth size. Dental veneers are similar to natural teeth. Veneers are used by dentists in order to fix conditions like crooked teeth, damaged enamel structure, huge spaces between two teeth and many others. Veneers offer a similar appearance to natural teeth although they are made from ceramic. Veneers are applied on the tooth surface with the help of cement adhesive.


Composite bonding helps in restoring the damaged tooth surface which is either decayed or discolored. In this process, a dental material which is similar to the tooth surface is applied to the tooth. Initially, the dentist drills into the tooth and removes the decayed tooth surface. After the decayed tooth surface is completely eliminated, the composite filling is applied. Once the composite is clearly placed, the dentist sculpts the composite bonding in order to achieve the perfect shape with the help of a light source. It offers a similar appearance to the natural tooth surface. It is described as one of the cheapest dental procedures which helps in restoring the decayed, chipped or cracked tooth. It also helps in rebuilding the worn-down edges of the tooth.


Implants are recommended for patients who lost their teeth either due to some incidents or tooth decay. Implants are considered as the best options in terms of fixed dental solutions. The titanium screw is placed by the dentist in place of the missing tooth. This screw offers support to the tooth crown. Implants also have a similar appearance to the tooth structure. After a few months, the supporting tissues and the bone fuses around the implant, giving a similar appearance to the natural tooth. However, after implants, it is recommended to follow good hygiene habits, keeping the area completely free from debris and food particles.

Try these cosmetic dental procedures to get back your amazing smile!